Yo, dude

I might expect a woman in a Range Rover to park this way, but a guy? No man in my family, nor woman either, would leave a car parked like this. I was right behind him looking for a parking space myself and opted to be on his left, safer from being clocked when he backs out. That is if he knows how to back up. 😀

I gave him the stink eye but he was oblivious to my glance, went about his way and so did I.

But what women were responsible for is this, another of my pet peeves.

The first woman who left her cart was old so I cut her slack but when the second woman, quite young, pushed her cart into the first one, that was lazy. The parking space that is blocked with the carts was right up front so I played Good Citizen and took both to the cart garage.

This blog post is categorized as Slow News Day. Sorry, but this is all I got.

5 thoughts on “Yo, dude

  1. A nearby supermarket had no cart corral at all probably because store management knew its clientele
    well enough to know they would leave carts in parking spaces, which they did. Cart corrals appeared about a year ago and are largely empty except for my cart. It never occurs to me to just leave a cart in a parking lot where it could damage another car.
    Slow news day here. No rain. Bought new nozzle for hand held hose. Sox lost again last night. Jeopardy is in reruns.

  2. I’ll bet most cart returners are wearing ‘step counters’.
    Always looking for a way to increase movement without appearing to wander aimlessly.

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