The Eagle Didn’t Land

Incredibly rare video footage from Hog Island, Maine of a bald eagle attacking an osprey nest with three chicks in it while Mom and Pop Osprey went out for food.


Keep your eye on the left side of the screen as the eagle approaches….then whoosh….Mom Osprey sees what’s about to take place and tries to defend the nest but is no match for the eagle.

From This afternoon, a bald eagle attacked the nest and grabbed Spirit HD. Bierre HB accidentally fell out of the nest, may have fledged but has not been found yet. Eric HC is safe in the nest. We are all heart broken with this news and hope for Bierre’s safe return soon. UPDATE: Bierre has been found today & is being taken care of by Steve & Rachel!!! 8.2.16

The parents, Rachel and Steve, endured a similar attack last year. The full story on the attack and their history is here. 

Mother Nature is awesome.