Presenting……The Swanton Gardens!

Swanton sent some pix of her gorgeous full blooming happy colorful gardens – JEALOUS! Good work guys!

Her running commentary:

The dahlia’s got watered pretty regularly. Water restrictions started today but we can still use hand held hoses which is all we use anyway. The white dahlias are enormous but when they turn brown aren’t so attractive.



Hibiscus are among my favorite flowers. This variety dies down in the winter and come back up in the spring.


The yellow hibiscus comes inside in the winter.

The pink hydrangea is new this season but a larger one with blue flowers has been around for a several years. Took a beating in the cold of last winter, though.

Take a bow, then move in with me and help me get my gardens back to their beauty from last year. No pay but lots of applause, and wine!

2 thoughts on “Presenting……The Swanton Gardens!

  1. Beautiful! I’m jealous too. Dahlias are too much for for me, in this season of my life….maybe someday. Or, at least a Meyer lemon tree🍋

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