Hey Cobra, that scream you heard, it was me!

You are going to do WHAT to my shoulder???
Cobra and I both had appointments at the same orthopedic office today but unfortunately our paths didn’t cross. Maybe you were there Cobra and didn’t recognize me? I was the one the doctors and nurses had to restrain as the doctor rotated my shoulder!! I trust your appointment was easier.

Actually, the appointment was easy. It wasn’t remotely painful and I have my marching orders to begin the torture of PT. Yes sir. Yes sir. I promise.

Happy August 1st.

9 thoughts on “Hey Cobra, that scream you heard, it was me!

  1. Funny. Glad it went better than you expected. Fear is often greater than the reality.

    Did you say rabbit rabbit today?

    1. You are right Jane. I had built up in my mind this would hurt. My stomach was churning too. All for naught.
      Darn, I never remember to say rabbit rabbit.

  2. My shoulder has been the bane of my existence since I was a high school baseball pitcher. Arthritis has set in, making it worse. Good to know you are in the mend.

  3. I started physical therapy last week for plantar fasciitis at elite health services in old greenwich. The pt sessions are very painful…i have bruises from the pt…have appointment again tomorrow…afraid to go back…i am glad your treatment went well today.

  4. My appointment with Dr. Sethi this morning was painless. We discussed the options at this point…yet another eight weeks of PT vs. surgery. We agreed to initially pursue the former, accompanied by a deep joint cortisone injection as the next step. Following PT, we’ll discuss the condition of my shoulder in October and decide then whether to perform the arthroscopic gig or, my preference, to just endure the pain while drinking heavily. At this moment, I’m practicing for the latter with a robust mug of cabernet sauvignon.

    1. Arthroscopic surgery certainly has come a long way so I can see why if you have to go the surgery route, it would be that.
      Are you a golfer or tennis player that the shoulder presents serious limitations to your lifestyle? Good luck and keep us posted.

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