Granted, I’m no gardener, but I think dahlia’s are supposed to bloom!

Strangest thing happened to the dahlia’s I planted. The buds fried and died on the stem. Disease? Bad bulbs to begin with? The pouring rain rot them?


My hundreds of catmint plants that are usually vibrant purple and tall never really purpled – rather they stayed a sickly gray color. Odd.


My hydrangea is even worse, fewer blooms and not as vibrant a white as they usually are. The rose of sharon too, not blooming as much – two of the eight bushes haven’t bloomed at all.

Anyone else having problems with their flowering plants?

6 thoughts on “Granted, I’m no gardener, but I think dahlia’s are supposed to bloom!

  1. My hydrangeas only had one, rather sad flower. They were slow to grow, and still seem behind, but look mostly healthy. Two died in the winter of 2014-15, and their replacements are looking rather small this year. Lawn guy said the ones that are blooming around town were either newly planted (purchased with blooms) or mulched. Guess we will mulch them this year🤑

    1. Martha, with Swanton saying mulch is the answer for her flowers growing so well, maybe that is the answer. I moved all my hydrangea last year and where they are now doesn’t have the same amount of sun. In hindsight, it wasn’t a good move

  2. Mr. S is the gardener and mulched, mulched, mulched all season long. We have some dahlias in pots and in the ground. Both are doing well. Hibiscus plants are thriving. However, the drought hasn’t been kind to the day lilies.

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