Back to Bolivia

From Earth Image, on his work-vacation trip to Cochabamba, and below, a video from LaPaz.

Where’s the Beef, and no, not Andrew Johnston from the PGA tour, Beef, as in carne.
Notes from EI:
Best Beef cuts arer $4/pound
1 Peso Boliviano = 14.4cents US

EI added that the butcher seemed none too pleased that he was being photographed.




Gasoline is $2/gallon

This is the street on which Mr. and Mrs. EI will reside, logically called Park Avenue!

Park Irrigation Department worker ladies

Sequestration photo – held captive on vacation mode by Mrs. Earth Image

And a video from La Paz, an eight-hour folkloric parade in full costume. The Entrada Universitaria 2016.

9 thoughts on “Back to Bolivia

  1. How long will EI be in Bolivia? Park Avenue looks like a lovely place to hang one’s hat. From my grammar school geography book I know Bolivian women have distinctive hats. I wonder how many kids today could even find South America on a map let alone Bolivia.
    nice pictures. More, please.

  2. Sorry to hear of your pain EOS. Blogging is more fun than PT any day, and that leads down a slippery slope. Nevertheless, today’s parade seemed to have closed down the whole city for a giant street festival. Sorry for the lousy YT quality in the live-feed from the street.

    Here’s a better quality clip of a so-so diablada, which starts off with demons, followed by Satan himself, followed by Angels, and finally the arch-angel Michael.

  3. I think my post failed for 3 links, so I will try one at a time:

    A better quality video of the classic diablada dance.

    It features demons, the devil, then angles, then Michael the Archangel coming to save.

    The setting here is the San Franciso plaza, built over an old river that separated the Spaniards from the Indians. San Franciso Cathedral was built in in the Franciscan tradition to serve the Indian population.

  4. Very nice of you to share, EI. What an adventuresome couple you are! We are going to focus on literature and geography in school this year, so I will hang on to your links/vids for the future👍

    EOS, sorry about your shoulder issues–hope you’re feeling better. Here is a tidbit to distract you: my guys (I can think of 100 things I’d rather do!) spent the weekend AT the PGA tour in New Jersey and my husband informed me that Aquafina is a sponsor and in order to bring other, non Aquafina water bottles into the event, one was required to remove the label. I thought that was shocking!

    1. So much if the PGA got rained out. I hope they have rain gear and umbrellas!!! I saw photos of the damage the rain did to the fairways and walking paths. What a mess! Play started at 7am but more rain is on its way. Are they following any one player in particular?
      As for the water and sponsorship, standard procedure. Pepsi sponsored events up here and you can’t bring in Coke. I suspect Aquafina is a big enough sponsor that they can make such demands. After all, if people walking along the course are shown drinking other brands, it wouldn’t look good for the sponsor.

      1. Yeah, the rain was bit of an issue. They’re staying home today. They’ve been following Henrik Stensson, of course. You probably heard the cheers when he won the Open last week–or weekend before(?)! And “Beef”–is he new? They had balls signed by someone, but he didn’t make the cut. My husband is exhausted (took them six hours to get home yesterday) and happy he has Sunday to recover!

        I guess I’ve been under a rock re sports sponsorship procedure!😁

        1. “Beef” is a Brit who joined the tour in 2009, said he’s been called Beef since he was a kid and has no problem with the nickname.

          Henrik is doing alright so far -this morning he’s only 2 behind the leader. I should have known your guys would follow him. Good choice. But six hours to get home – that’s insane. Being home today is smart!

    1. I would NOT have guessed Hong Kong was one, not in a million years. I would have guessed Argentina. Interesting chart. Thanks but now I have this hankering for a hamburger. Mmmm.

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