Mine won’t be bedazzled! 


I’m heading into Greenwich on this very rainy Friday for an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon who operated on my broken rotator cuff eight years ago when I stepped in a hole in a NYC sidewalk, flipped and landed on my shoulder.

The surgery was excellent and I was a good patient going to PT every day but with zero tolerance to pain, I found myself making excuses to skip PT. Then I went to RI for the summer and didn’t go to PT there but did do home exercises and stretches I figured would be enough.

Fast forward to now and my stupidity has caught up with me. I have limited range of motion in my left arm, unable to raise that arm up over my head. It’s finally time to repair the damage that’s my own damn fault.

I’m expecting to be reprimanded so my stomach is in knots waiting for the doctor to say well, what did you think would happen because you didn’t follow through?

I don’t know what the doctor will do today but it’s time, way past time actually, I get my arm back in the swing.

Stay tuned.

Yes, I did watch Hillary’s speech. Yes I thought I was disingenuous. Pandering pandering pandering. Feel free to add your opinion while I’m in a Greenwich torture chamber.

Update on shoulder

The good doctor was kind to me, not leveling as much of an admonishment as my racing heart was expecting but of course he did say this was all my fault. Yes.

Here’s the plan: I’m going back Monday morning to be put under local anesthesia where he will manipulate my shoulder socket in circles (I’m passing out writing this!). He further warned me my shoulder will be dreadfully painful after he’s done and it will require lots of PT to keep it moving. No excuses this time. Rule Two: No driving myself to Greenwich Monday as I will not be able to drive home. Gee, can’t wait. 😦

24 thoughts on “Mine won’t be bedazzled! 

  1. I have zero tolerance for pain too. I faint at the sight of my own blood so I know just how you are feeling today.

    What are you expecting the doctor to tell you? Will he have to operate again?

    Good luck.

    Thought Hillary’s speech was a good Hollywood production. Shonda Rimes was responsible for putting it together and much of what Hillary resonated with many people. The lines she had against Donald were hard to refute so he’ll have to double down and get serious if he hopes to win.

    1. What I’d like to happen today is for the doctor to take me into some super padded soundproof room, put duct tape over my mouth, then pull my arm up over my shoulder to unlock it. Then I’m sure I’ll have to go to tons of PT, for real this time.

      My mother and I would agree with your assessment of Hillary’s speech. The MSM is in full O-mode over it, saying this is what makes a president. Only time will tell. Trump had a lot to overcome to get independents on his side.

      1. The banner at Drudge is of the whole CNN anchor team, led by Wolf, drinking wine and dancing after Hillary’s speech. Bias much?

        1. Nice, isn’t it? Gloria Borger is right behind Wolf in the Drudge video clip – she and Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC, two of the biggest pro-Hillary “journalists” on TV. When CNN throws ONE Republican on their panel at night, that says a lot.

  2. I had a similar problem after knee surgery. I hated the pain of PT and thought I could do it at home and get back in shape. My knee locks up often now and I know I did myself a huge injustice not keeping at the pt. people I know who have completely recovered from surgery, whatever the joint, say it’s 100% PT.

    1. I’ve grown to work around the limited mobility. The most difficult task is being at a parking garage or a toll booth where I have to stretch my left arm straight out to reach and grab. Odd things like that. Even if I’ve learned to work around the limited mobility it’s no reason to continue it into old age. I’m angry with myself that I let it go this far.

  3. A rigorous regimen of PT should right the stiffness. No further surgery. My brother had a frozen shoulder and after six weeks of intensive stretching and reaching with good PT, he regained 90% of the range of motion he lost. There are still things he can’t do, like tie something behind his back but for the most part he’s back to normal. His golf swing stinks but it did before the frozen shoulder.

  4. About five years ago, Dr. Sethi at ONS Greenwich repaired my torn right rotator cuff and bicep tendon. Lots of PT, which I attended faithfully. Since then, all has been well with that shoulder. In January of this year I finally visited Dr. Sethi to ask for a diagnosis relative to my left shoulder. MRI showed a bone spur. Again, lots of PT (eight weeks, two visits per week) which alleviated the pain somewhat, but not a lot. Upon completion in the late spring, I was given instructions for home exercise, which I soon stopped performing. Pain has returned. I have an appointment for Monday morning to see Dr. Sethi once more to discuss options…perhaps surgery.

    1. Oh nooooooooooooooooooo. That’s where I was today, at ONS. They are such a good team of docs and their PT room is quite good. A few PT Nazis if I remember correctly, one kept telling me I wasn’t trying hard enough (flashback to high school!).

      Good luck. Keep us posted.

    1. When Mariah was in her prime singing days (80s-90s) she was awesome. We took the kids to one if her concerts and we all loved her. Now, way past her prime, she and Paul Simon could stand to be put out to pasture.

  5. Look up the University of Delaware shoulder rehab routine. Did it religiously for two years after I separated a shoulder skiiing (same shoulder I messed up wrestling in high school) and it did wonders for me. No issues now.

    1. Thanks! Will do.
      Every wrestler I know has some version of shoulder injury. Hard not to with all the body contortions in wrestling.

  6. All things considered, it could have been worse. He didn’t say he could fit you in for surgery this afternoon. I’m not sure why he told you the shoulder manipulation would hurt so much. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. But, you’re prepared.
    Mr S had rotator cuff surgery this spring. Everyone is different but I will sing the praises of an ice delivery system. I think it’s a prescription item. The simple way to describe it is cooler of ice attached to a tube which then flows through a wrap on your shoulder. Wrap stays on by velcro. If you think you’ll have pain off and on for a while, you might ask your MD about it. In any event, stock up on bags of ice, ice packs, frozen peas….

    1. What did Mr. S do that required the surgery? Tennis? Injury?

      I had a version of the ice cooler wrap but it’s been so long I can’t remember the details. I was tethered to something. Probably the same.
      Is hubby Swanton good to go with his shoulder now? Back in full working order?

      1. Mr S has been a competitive athlete all his life. Who knows when or how he injured his shoulder but age, wear and tear contributed to it. Pitched and played squash for that school in Cambridge. Lots of sports ever since- tennis, squash , court tennis, sculling, kayaking, hill climbing. You get the idea. I make sure the beer is cold. A couple of years ago he got himself a new knee. Took to rehab like a duck to water. No pain, no gain. He gained. I could never handle the PT he did- and does.
        Knee is fine but he no longer bicycles. Shoulder is coming along but he has been religious about PT. Shoulder rehab takes a long time.

        1. Impressive! It stands to reason that a competitive athlete would have the mental fortitude to know PT is the only way to get back on track after an injury. God didn’t bless me with a competitive streak of nature, thus why I quit PT before my shoulder was working correctly.

  7. Matt Silvagio at Elite Health Services in Westport put me back together after hip surgery and a frozen shoulder. I truly believe he’s the best PT around. Consider working with him or one of his excellent colleagues in Old Greenwich.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion and wow, a double gimp – shoulder and hip. Glad you are back in working order.

      One of the reasons I stopped going to PT at ONS in Greenwich was the slog to Greenwich, and the back side of town no less. There are options for me in Bedford that will make it easier for me not to weasel out.

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