Throwback Thursday: Widow Skimmer Dragonfly

Little to blog about today so I’m going back five years to July 2011, a post of Back to Basics dragonfly photos.


UPDATE: It is confirmed to be a dragonfly so I’ve changed the title of the post to reflect this knowledge. Thanks to Jeff from Kansas for the answer and link.

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Again, I need to defer to any experts out there. What is this gorgeous creature??

16 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Widow Skimmer Dragonfly

        1. That’s such a great way to describe them. I bet 100 out 100 millennials wouldn’t know what darning is, let alone a darning needle.

  1. Agree with John! But mostly, the dragonfly is indeed very beautiful. And the pictures you took are, too.

    I wonder what attracted it to the drying, seeded part of the plant? Was it just a perch? Or does it have a more zoological reason?

    And love the bokeh in the background, too! Especially in the butterfly post. Heading there.

    1. New vocabulary word to me: bokeh. And what a good word it is. I’ll have to practice using that so I can drop it into a sentence soon to one-up my friends!!

      I wish I could answer your zoological questions Priya, but I don’t know why the dragonfly was sitting atop a spent flower.

  2. Thank you…I was just asking to see the dragon fly a while back…
    Quite a robust specimen. Now I wonder? Male or Female?

    1. That was for you Flash. I remember you asked and I set out specifically to find this old post.

      Don’t know about male or female. Trans?

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