Who Knew Bill Clinton was On Board with my Big Fat Zero blog theme?

Oh wait, maybe this gesture is to indicate what his wife will bring to the office of the president? Or something else altogether? 🙂

Democratic National Convention: Day 2

I didn’t watch, couldn’t, wouldn’t, didn’t can’t won’t but the snippets I’ve heard this morning Bill suggested Hillary will be a CHANGE agent. Ha ha ha ha ha. Breathe. Ha Ha ha ha.

Change as in she campaigns on Obama’s policies and wants to continue them? It’s sheer lunacy but then again, look at all the messengers who spoke on behalf of Hillary last night. Lena Dunham, wow, she represents the loony bin faction of the party? The long row of black mothers whose children were killed by police is being hailed as the best moment of the night. I repeat, I  didn’t watch, couldn’t, wouldn’t, didn’t can’t won’t…. Identity politics at its worst.

Someone fill me in. I saw clips of BLM protesters on the streets of Philly saying Hillary kills blacks? What was that all about? It seems in contrast to the women who spoke on the stage.

For those of you who come here for something other than politics, hang on. Earth Image sent some more great pix from Bolivia. I’m out of the house this morning so stand by for an afternoon post from our roving reporter.

Happy Wednesday.

6 thoughts on “Who Knew Bill Clinton was On Board with my Big Fat Zero blog theme?

  1. I turned off the TV when Madeleine Albright affirmed the DNC email hacking was Putin in the tank for Trump. Everyone last night got the memo to make that claim – the narrative is being pushed and everyone is willing to make it be fact.

    My question: Bernie’s brother spoke from the Americans Overseas box. Has Larry forsaken his country too?

    Bill looks very old. His life of excess has finally caught up with him.

    1. Aha. That’s very helpful. So Larry has lived in the UK since 1969, is a bigger socialist than Bernie, yet still maintains an American passport to cast a vote in these elections? Huh.

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