Well Folks, This Is All I Got Today. And Maybe tomorrow too….


…that is unless you want me to blog about getting my car inspected, getting my teeth cleaned, or trashing all the Dem speeches last night. Knowing your preference for me to stay clear of politics and stick to the basics, I’ll do that. Only one problem, I have no back to basics photographs so I’ll let you all lead the conversation.

You’re up….

20 thoughts on “Well Folks, This Is All I Got Today. And Maybe tomorrow too….

  1. My big news is the parking space gods found me a fabulous spot in downtown Boston directly in front of a branch library. I had change but the meter already had an hour on it. MA residents can apply for a Boston Public Library card. All cards must be renewed every two years and my two years were up.
    Yup. Slow news day in these parts, too.

    1. That IS big news! Are you at the library for some research or to take out books? Libraries are my favorite spaces, until homeless started camping out in them all day to get a clean bathroom and a water fountain.

  2. Mr. S had an app’t right around the corner from the library. Made the parking space even more valuable. By the time I renewed my card he was through. We got out of the city promptly.
    My little local library is terrific in obtaining whatever books we want even from out of state. I’m not quite sure why I keep the Boston library card other than that I can.

    1. Honestly, I miss going to a library. The Bedford one is very nice but impossible to find a parking space – worse, cops are always coming and giving tickets. Hardly friendly for locals to use local establishments. Ugh.
      Next time you are in NYC, take the tour of the NY Public Library (or is it officially the Steve Schwartzman Library?) It’s a fabulous tour, only an hour long but WELL WORTH IT!

  3. Well, since you got nothing. What going on over at FWIW. When you try to go there is says Web service closed temporarily and its over its usage or some such thing. You can report on THAT. TKS

    1. To get the latest posts on fwiw I go to Gideon’s blog and click on fwiw. Brings up the current page. Otherwise, I get a 2 day old post.

    2. Swanton and SB: CF hired a web design company in Portland and they are reconfiguring entire site. He said there will be times it’ll be down and out before it’s back up and running fully. I saw it working this morning and it seems to be working for me now so perhaps you both caught it at some intervening moment when the designer had it down.

    1. No memo. Politics are still fine with ME to talk about. It’s “others” who prefer I don’t.
      As for your great video, did you submit that because today on IG is #TractionTuesday where posters put up all their cool car pix? It’s sponsored by Audi but still cool. I’d embed one here now but I’m on my laptop and cutting and pasting an IG thread doesn’t sync properly. Only works from my phone.

      1. Well, no use in making folks feel uncomfortable. As they say, only a very few Germans were actual Nazis.

        Had to look up IG #TractionTuesday, so the video was just old age reminiscence.

        At the risk of causing pearls to be clutched, how any one could vote for this liar deserves the consequences:

        1. No one in this crowd is rooting for Hillary that I know of! I saw that interview and that segment is typical Hillary’splain. She’s despicable. Further, 60 Minutes was accused of tossing some of that interview on the cutting floor.
          What made me puke was her response to the question about the DNC email. Shit, the woman said she knew nothing. God help us all if she’s elected.

        1. Cool!! I love the part where she says she was told she wasn’t pretty and never would be but that didn’t define or set her back! Awesome.
          Also fun hearing the French at the end. I loved living in Paris watching French 1 TV where there were ads for American products – my favorite was how they’d say Black and Decker. Sounds like blaaaaack et deckairrrr. Same when you listen to Arabic and there’s no equivalent. They’ll be gabbing away then you hear Pepsi.

        2. To improve my French when living in Paris, I used to go to movies in French with no subtitles. There were always commercials which were the most fun to watch!

      1. I made the mistake of watching the Roll Call that put Hillary over the top. My stomach literally went into knots. I felt sick. The crowd seemed underwhelmed to me but then again, I don’t see any reason ever to vote for her.

      2. The #DemExit is real, not as big as their leaders want it to be, but I do think Bernie’s disaffected supporters will change some of the voting come November. I don’t see them coming over to Trump. Jill Stein was campaigning in the streets last night to get them over to her. That makes more sense, giving her politics and the Bernie or Bust peeps. It’s going to interesting.

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