A Ferry, A Car, Lots of Trucks, Beautiful Birds, Food, and of Course, PEEPS!

A Sunday photo extravaganza! (Update at 1:30p – some additional pix)

From CosHarbour

CitiBike, Red Helmet, and the Staten Island Ferry

Fiat 124. Sport Coupe. Abarth. Torino Factory?

**Late entry photo from Cos**

Seagull by Governor’s Island

From SoundBeacher

There are dozens of birds swooping and bobbing in two or three different spots on the shoreline.

In flight

It looks like a dance they are doing

One bird has a fish in his mouth the other is touching down on the water

It was such a surprise to see so many of them flying, feeding in a tight group.

More from Earth Image in Bolivia: totally cool!

Coke loses one to Pepsi

Fruits and Vegetables

Meat counter??
[Ed Note: The caption sent in by EI said meat counter so I’m guessing he took one too many from these shelves and confused Beef with Bacardi?]

Indigenous village of Sacaba, where Pepsi makes a stand against the mighty Coca-Cola

Tandem trucks carrying agricultural produce across the Andes to the duty-free Pacific port in Ilo Peru

The local car wash, advertising for male and female help

A store for Mr EOS, whose main product is giant excavator teeth.  Just after I took this photo, a huge flatbed pulled in with just a truck-sized bucket, coming for dental work

The local sawmill for Ipey lumber.  Zoning?  What zoning?

Just Added!!

Here’s the meat counter in Bolivia. 🙂

EOS questions to EI:
Meats as in Dog? Horse? Or Beef and Chicken and Pork?

Are the veggies locally/regionally grown or is almost everything imported from outside Bolivia?

Are foods expensive for the locals?

What would the car wash peeps earn per hour/day? What’s the sign say in the store that sells excavator teeth, hung on the back wall – something “we don’t accept….”

What does gasoline cost?

6 thoughts on “A Ferry, A Car, Lots of Trucks, Beautiful Birds, Food, and of Course, PEEPS!

  1. Good questions that I don’t have all answers for yet.

    The sign says, “We don’t accept exchanges or returns.”

    There is an abundance of beef, chicken and fish, so I don’t know of other options. But I think the western attitudes toward eating horse or dog apply here, mostly.

    Cochabamba is the “bread basket”, although the extensive corn and soya farming is in Santa Cruz Department to th east. Both Menonite and Japanese farming districts there are very old. The Society of Jesus (Jusuits) were expelled from Europe in 1750 and established themselves here. See the movie, “The Misson”, with deNiro and Irons.

    Food, gas and wages need some more research on costs, but there seems to be a typical two-tier market, depending on whether we are talking imports, which are taxed heavily, or local resources, which are often black market – mercado negro – untaxed.

    1. No way. In all the searching of listings this one never popped up. For sure its a tear-down since the houses for sale on that alcove are $5+m. Replacing that ugly thing will probably improve the chances of a sale next door (once the dust and noise of the destruction and construction settle)

  2. Kindest Kudos to hostess eos, soundbeacher+earthimage, way, way south of the border!
    The white heron shots are beauties.
    So too the experiential view of Bolivia.
    Please don’t stop…more please!

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