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Scene: At some point during the Trump acceptance speech a thousand members of the press corps frantically group texted each other to say let’s go with dystopian to describe tonight’s speech. 

Left to right: NBC Anchors Chuck Todd, Rachael Maddow and Brian Williams. Not shown: Andrea Mitchell
And to a one this morning, that’s what they all said – only WSJ went with a different word, pugnacious.

Me? I saw a very positive excellent speech, aimed at including so many who are disaffected Republicans – those who feel the R platform doesn’t reflect their thinking – the fiscally conservative and the socially moderate or liberal. One anchor said she was sure Trump had never uttered the acronym LGBTQ because of the way he took so long to say it. I think that he paused over it to make sure everyone heard him, that he WILL stand up for the gay community.

ANYWAY, I’m out for the day and night, heading to CT for the Jeff Dunham concert, bringing two pair of Depends because I expect to laugh that hard! Can’t wait. Meanwhile, to amuse yourselves, take this vocabulary test and post your scores in the comments section. I did okay, not perfect, with a 29975. I can’t find out from the A Real Me website what a perfect score is but I think it’s over 30000. Good luck. No cheating.


My score. 

15 thoughts on “The media word of the day

  1. I know many R’s who didn’t like the speech and did think it was dystopian. My wife and I both liked it. My kids are in the tank for Hillary so they didn’t bother to watch. I’m disowning them today.

    Have fun tonight.

  2. I liked the speech. the very fact that the liberal media hates it is a good thing. they are finally released from the purgatory that was covering the RNC and can now dance with unicorns in Philadelphia as Hillary tells us her plan. I hope Bernie’s supporters create some havoc.

  3. This is a lot to ask at coffee klatsch.
    Should have taken more interest in Latin.
    How do you think those 21 to 35 text mavens would score?

  4. My 11 year old and I each took the vocab test. I scored ok with 22,800….but my son was impressive with 21,450! I couldn’t believe he knew what a dowager was, I didn’t know that until Dowton Abbey. He said he read a book with a dowager🤓

  5. 29975. But it went so fast I didn’t have a chance to answer three questions. Quiz kept asking “slow down?” Yes! Bibi

  6. 27950. In the beginning I scoffed at the easy words, then oops, they actually got tough. I wish at the end of the quiz they said which ones I got wrong. That’s the sites only flaw.

  7. I can’t figure out how to post a copy of the results, but it was 30150 , which, according this dubious test, not only makes me a Shakespeare, but places me in the 0.01%. Clearly, a misspent youth reading, instead of doing.
    Oh well.

      1. That’s great. All of us agree that the website should show what words we missed.

        I was afraid to take it more than once for fear my score would go down.

  8. The most impressive score is by Martha’s ELEVEN year old son. Way to go homeschooling mom.

    I got 29975.

  9. Took it a second time, moving slowly, and got 30150. Do you suppose some words score differently? Bibi

    1. Yes, I suspect that’s how they work it, to get you to take the test more than once. I tweeted them the suggestion of showing us what words we missed and how it’s scored. Crickets. Guess we’ll never know.

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