White Male, Age 18-24. Mom Pays His Insurance.  

Not sure what look he was going for – I see a covered wagon -Little House on the Prairie meets Beverly Hills 90210?

Then this morning too, I saw someone on Twitter posted a stealth photo of a new Jeep truck.


As if Jeep trucks are a new thing?????????? This isn’t mine although I had one identical to it, with a CB radio too. How cool was I?? C’mon admit it. I am totally cool. Mr. EOS made me a custom fishing rod with my initials on it, which got stolen from the storage company I used to keep the Chappy house belongings safe while living in France and Switzerland. I was piiiiiissssed. I didn’t care about much else. Of course the storage company claimed they knew nothing.


The conversation on TV and online re Cruz Did Right versus Cruz is Whack is too much to take, even for this political junkie so I’m off for a long walk, hopefully not off a short pier.

Have a good one!

6 thoughts on “White Male, Age 18-24. Mom Pays His Insurance.  

  1. Could be worse:

    To be honest, until Jeep (and Chrysler for that matter) are wrested from the control of that eye-talian bean counter, Marchionne, I’ll pass.

    Hard to say about Cruz. Since the best chance to keep Hillary Clinton out of the WH is DJT, all of the GOPe losers look petty to me, but, the GOP lost me a long time ago anyway.

    1. Sorry to take so long to respond to your comment. LOVE the photo of the Mercedes camper. I may need to get me one of them.

      As for no longer being a fan of the GOP, I wonder if you thought DJT’s speech brought about any change in your Libertarian leanings? Asking for a friend!

      1. I didn’t watch the speech. Not sure his one speech or anyone else’s would change my mindset that much (I did watch the speech Ted Cruz gave and that put me off speeches for awhile).
        However, CNN viewers appeared to be quite taken with his speech:

        1. CNN viewers were taken???As in taken aback? The CNN anchors are the absolute worst – Van Jones and Gloria Borger, I swear, I wanted to punch both of them. Anderson Cooper doesn’t care about anything else than his being gay agenda. That’s it. David Axelrod, oh dear god in heaven. Even lately Jake Tapper has been condescending. Fox anchors are even worse. Forget MSNBC. That left C-Span but my cable didn’t bring cSpan in in HD and couldn’t watch it.

          I’m in the car but I’m hearing that Trump just told reporters that even if Cruz decides to endorse him (fat chance) , Trump wouldn’t accept it.

        2. Taken as in approving (despite the narrative handed out by the correspondents) I’m sure CNN didn’t like putting those numbers together.

          Speaking of Cruz, I drop in on Mark Levin’s radio program once in awhile just to see if it is listenable (in the beginning he was Trump neutral, then virulently anti-Trump as he became more and more pro-Cruz). Still not listenable.

        3. You won’t believe this coincidence, but I just unfollowed Levin’s Twitter feed, literally thirty seconds before seeing your comment. His tweets this morning were so over the top. I like to follow people whose views I don’t share but the NeverTrump crowd makes no sense. They tend to rant.

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