Order None. Get Two Free! Call Now and we’ll include Florida real Estate Listings


When Verizon was here last week repairing my phone line, he installed a newer technology for the FiOS box in the utility room. As he left he said he would be sending along a voice backup kit, something to plug into the new box so if power goes out, I can still use my land line.

I explained that I had a whole house generator that came on automatically so at most my phone would be out thirty seconds. He said he’d send me one anyway. I guess Verizon is run by Democrats, happy to hand out free stuff?

I figure I’ll sell both. Why not? The bidding starts at $5.0m because I have my eye on a couple of houses for sale on Gasparilla Island. I don’t see one yet that is just right. If only real estate had the same mentality as Verizon – this is one place where getting two free would work!

This one is kinda okay but I’m not sure about its location at the tip of the island, facing more north than west. Plus, oddly, the swimming pool is in the front of the house. I can’t imagine why. This porch is doable!


I wouldn’t pay a plug nickel for this one. Sheesh. It’s incredibly ugly, inside and out.


You’d THINK seeing the exterior of this the house would be great but then you (a) see the eye-gouging price and (b) the interior.


Oh dear, this is not good. Most unfortunate. d5909934-residential-rd77yg-l

This one too looks great from the outside but the interior is most definitely meh and worse, the house next door was built by Fred and Wilma!!



I know for a fact that wherever I land in Florida, I’ll rent someplace for a year before buying. Even thinking you know a town well, it takes LIVING there to really know if you want to stay there. So far Gasparilla is the center of the target.

So bid early and often. Mamma wants to leave New York!!

30 thoughts on “Order None. Get Two Free! Call Now and we’ll include Florida real Estate Listings

  1. Good move to rent first. We thought we wanted to live in Vero when we came to Florida. hated it after three months. Came down to Miami, rented here for three months and found a part of Miami that we adore. It’s not easy to find the right match so take your time, rent a few places the first year maybe, three months times four to get a feel of each town. Make sure you rent off season too and watch out for parts of town that are 100% rental zones. You don’t want to be in a $5m house next to someone who rents out by the week to who knows. It takes a lot of work before settling down. Have you thought about the Miami area at all?

    1. Great advice to move around the first year. Thanks. I have mentally eliminated more places than I have on my Yes list. Naples out. Vero out even thought one of my lifelong friends lives there and loves it. Tampa out. We have good friends who own a house on Key Biscayne and love it but I have not given the Miami area any serious consideration. It’s also going to be a financial decision. Where I can get the most bang for my buck. Honestly too, so much of the move depends on Dawg. I can’t move her in her late years. She is way too happy now, right where she is. There’s time yet before we call the moving van but the thinking process keeps moving.

  2. be careful as you look in Boca – some of the streets with oceanfront homes are also PUBLIC access parking. It can be horrible to be a $5m home when you can’t get out of your own road.

    1. Excellent point. I happen to know that because I have a friend who for a while cared for his aging aunt in a house on either West 14th or West 17th, I’ve forgotten. Tons of parking and jockeying to turn around.

    1. No. Haven’t LOOKED anywhere in Georgia. Did you have a place in mind? We’ve looked at tons of towns along the North Carolina coast but so many are straight up honky-tonk. I hate to admit this, but I want some snob appeal to where we move to.

      1. What’s the nice place there–little palm island? Or is that outside Charleston? Amelia island, maybe?

        If you want to email about it, I’ll tell you more about my little paradise in the keys. It’s unique, but not for everyone…My main hesitations are a) we are too young still–at nearly 50. This one is more my husband, than me, he is afraid we will age quicker if we are on the younger side in the community…like aging is contagious, or something!😂 B) tropical climate and all the scary stuff that goes with it–cockroaches, wood destroying insects, flooding and hurricanes. People in “our” community tend to self insure. C) I worry we will be too isolated, in too much of a bubble, for the boys. There are many families, but they tend to come and go, not many family’s live there from October to May. We would fly the coop in summer, likely to Sweden. D) I also wonder if we are not underestimating the true cost of living down there. Home Maintance can be high with the salt air–nothing lasts. We have been renting the same place since 2008, so obviously, we enjoy it.

        1. Those are all serious questions I ask myself – every one, even at our age. Too much bubble for us. Aging quicker – Florida women look like luggage. Hurricanes and the insurance. Costs of running a pool year-round and a/c year round – agree it can be costly

          Maybe a year of renting here and there will tell me I’m not Florida-material.

          Thanks for the offer to email. When I get closer to making the move, I’ll reach out to you. Thanks.

  3. Friends bought on Boca and finally sold out and moved. They said they were tired of driving 45 minutes every time they needed a hardware store! Mr Eos seems like a handy guy. Bet he wouldn’t like being so far from the guy’s candy store. The vacation we took there featured dead fish (red tide) all over the beaches, and jello mold salads at the supposedly upscale resort. Try Sanibel/Captiva! Bibi

    1. Thanks Bibi, great points!! Actually in RI it’s a minimum 35 minutes to anywhere. Mr. EOS is used to that. I used to live way the hell out on Chappaquiddick and had to take a ferry to Edgartown proper just to get the newspaper so being far away from civilization isn’t a huge concern for either of us.
      The red tide, that might be a real problem. I’ve stayed at the Gasparilla Inn and have had a version of an expensive jello salad!

      I’ll look at Sanibel and Captiva.

  4. My best friend and her husband did just what you are doing – they packed up from Manhattan and moved to Florida. The hardest transition for the wife was making new friends. Don’t discount how hard that can be. They opted to move into a community so they’d have access to activities and social gatherings to make new friends. They both play tennis so they joined a club. That’s almost a must in Florida.

    My son keeps hounding me to move to California near him. Thanks but no, a thousand times no.

  5. Take a look at St. Simons on the Ga. Coast & Winter Park & Casey Key in Fla. We lived in Naples for 10 excruciating yrs. One day there was an article in the paper about a house in a new development. It was called “the Bellaterra Model in the Padova neighborhood at Medditerra”. I shit you not. I announced then that we were packing our bags & moving. I once heard Naples referred to as a cheap Italian theme park. I’d say that was pretty accurate. Be mindful of the HO insurance on the coast. Depending on location it can be difficult to find & horribly expensive.

    1. A joke told in Sarasota is that old people live in Sarasota, and their parents live in Naples. I’ve never made it to Casey Key (part of or near Sarasota, depending on how you count it), as it is out of my price range. But I am very high on Sarasota and we are moving there in November when our rebuild is finished.

        1. Yes. We had planned on keeping the Riverside house and coming back in the summer, but upon further reflection, thought a better idea was to get rid of this (Riverside) yearly overhead, home base in FL, and use our money to do AirBnB rentals in places like Manhattan, Alaska, Europe, wherever, when we wanted to get out of Florida. We are listed for sale non-MLS now, going to MLS after Labor Day.

          If you wind up in Gasparilla, we will have to have a meet and greet including Greenwich Oldtimer. In terms of HO insurance, I am with Citizens, which as I understand it, is basically the assigned risk pool; they have to take you. I am waterfront in Bird Key, Sarasota. Very happy there, though I hear from multiple sources that St Petersburg is now very nice and is no longer God’s waiting room.

        2. Thanks for all the info. I’m excited for you re the move and selling CT. We have RI always to leave FL but I’m hoping to find a small place in NYC. I’m not as adventurous about AirBnB – there’s a certain ewwww factor for me. So many people swear by their rentals. I’m not there yet. But the cheapskate in me doesn’t want to spend the $$ to keep a city pied-a-terre so maybe I’ll get to AirBnB sooner than later. Bottom line, I need the stimulation of a city somewhere in the mix.
          Yes to meeting OldTimer. She has offered to give me the name of a realtor when we are ready. I’d love to meet them and you!! Fogies Rule!!!!

  6. Eos- try googling Useppa Island. It’s private, and the real estate and views will blow you away. It’s possible to rent. There’s a walk that reminds me of Maui. It’s also exclusive. Bibi

      1. No to Useppa unless you want to see the same twenty families all day every day for the rest of your life. It’s pretty but very homogeneous. Good luck getting groceries. The locals call it Uschleppa. Imagine on a pouring day you have to unload a week’s worth of groceries onto the island transport, then find your soaking wet golf cart and drive the now soaking wet groceries to your house. You have to pay to keep your car on the mainland. The Useppa HOA fees aren’t horrible there but as someone else said, the homeowners insurance living on an island is likely prohibitive. Pass.

  7. The Cloister, Sea Island GA ought to meet your standards. Bring $, plenty of it. It would be worth a stay there just to check out the area and be pampered. I’ve stayed on St. Simons, a skipping stone away and found a lot to like.

    Florida never held much attraction for me. Years ago we went to Longboat Key for tennis. There were some nice shops in Sarasota. That’s about all I remember. A quirky place I liked a lot was Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island. We stayed in an upscale inn, Elizabeth Lodge. My niece takes her family to Amelia Island every year but they stay at the Ritz because of the children’s programs.

    1. Florida actually doesn’t hold all that much appeal to me either but for obvious reasons it’s logical to leave New York. Georgia has a surprisingly good environment for retirees, tax-wise but not as far south as I’d like to be and harder to get to for kids/their families. Florida is better.

  8. We stayed at the Duke and Prince on St Simon’s two years ago in Jan on our way to Sanibel. It was so freezing cold we RAN, not walked, from our room for every meal in the dining room, and no one could play golf in the frigid temperatures.
    The appeal of sanibel is there is a community of arts-minded retirees who run the theater, organize lecture series, sponsor academy award nominated foreign films every Monday night with wine and cheese discussions afterwards, support a wildlife refuge and a fabulous farmer’s market etc. etc. I looked around me at one of the film nights and thought “gee!”, I’d love to know some of these people! Nothing honkey-tonk about them. I’d describe them as retired academics and executives from the midwest. For Sanibel flavor, google The Island Sun, the weekly Sanibel newspaper. Bibi

    1. I’m watching now and I’m hearing he’ll stop short of endorsing. Ass. He’s only at the convention for himself. I’d boo him off the stage if I were there.

        1. Disagree. Cruz is getting far more applause than anyone at the convention so far. He’s making great points that his conservative followers love.

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