Back to Basics

The press is still litigating the Melania-Michelle Third World War. A crane fell over and closed the Tappan Zee Bridge and how no one was even hurt is a wonderful miracle. So, tired of the news cycle, I took my camera outside and became amused by a butterfly out my front door and set about to take some photos. After all, this blog once strictly adhered to the theme Earth Ocean and Sky.














16 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. Beautiful, I gave up most of the news long ago. It is too aggravating!

    Have you seen/heard Wayne Dyers butterfly story?

    1. Pretty incredible Wayne Dyers tale. Must have been long ago, pre cell phones with cameras because he says he had to get someone with a real camera.

    1. Fair enough. It’s just that from this side of the computer, it gets awfully awfully boring to just do photo essays. I put myself asleep, let alone any of you who stop by!

    1. I haven’t seen one yet this summer. Some of the reasons I’m not seeing them is that I moved my butterfly bushes from the front yard to the back. They brought a wide variety of insects to them, not just butterflies.

  2. My yard has, what seems to me, an absurd amount of dragonflies. Every few days there is a swarm! Usually we see one or two hanging around, but I think they are hatching somewhere here.

    Btw, the guy at Sam Bridge said my tomato is probably not fruiting due to lack of bees. Not sure I buy that, as tomato is sitting right near two flowering shrubs (can’t recall their genus) with many bees.

    Oh, and Wanye was not known to be tech saavy!

    1. Are your dragonflies hovering around anything in particular? Cobra said he has a pond where they like to congregate.

      Agree with you the bees are not the problem with your tomatoes. The years we’ve had trouble, it’s been either over-watering, worms, or bad soil composition.

    1. I see remarkably FEW insects period. I’ve seen a couple of fireflies but not many. Fewer bees. No ants in the peonies. No dragon flies. Few to none butterflies. Don’t know the cause.

  3. I guess we’re fortunate. Lots of dragon flies, especially around the pond. A trio of snapping turtles conditioned to eat hot dog pieces I toss their way. Tomato plants very heavily laden with slowly ripening fruit. Handfuls of lightning bugs each evening. No butterflies, however.

    1. Lucky you, for the dragon flies, turtles, pond, and tomatoes! I used to have tons of dragon flies and I don’t know why they stopped. Do they have a natural predator? I’d think they’d be a tough crunchy chew for anyone hungry enough to grab it out of the sky.

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