Turkey and American on Rye. Hold the Erdogan. Plus a Weekend Open Thread.

We’re just two lovable losers

Big dealings going on in Turkey tonight. Erdogan speaking on FaceTime from an undisclosed location telling his citizens to fight while Mr. Chicken is trying, unsuccessfully so far, to land his plane in another country. Germany told him to get lost and now, let’s see what the new Prime Minister of Britain says.


If his plane has enough fuel, I suspect Obama will ask him to play golf this weekend. They are best buds. Obama has called Erdogan his trusted friend, among the five leaders that he has established relations based on confidence. 

From the sounds of this, The WH was caught a teeny-weensy off guard but golly, it’s Friday and Susan Rice is on her way to Portland Maine for a lobster dinner so she’s not worried.

Obama and Kerry  got their messages straight and “agree that all parties in Turkey should support the democratically-elected government of Turkey, show restraint, and avoid any violence or bloodshed“.

Doesn’t this phone call make you feel safer now?

This coup will no doubt further quash Trump’s announcement of Veep Pence, who Hillary has declared worse than Trump in one vicious tweet. Her dislike of Pence should come as no surprise since Hillary has declared all Republicans her worst enemy. I kinds hope Republicans are her worse nightmare.

And Now for the Open Thread portion of your flight:


Press One for Politics.

Press Two for Humor.

Press three for sports: the Yankees -Red Sox game tonight – wave to my kids there- Hi guys! And golf at Troon.

Press Four for anything else of your choosing.


4 thoughts on “Turkey and American on Rye. Hold the Erdogan. Plus a Weekend Open Thread.

  1. For months I had time on my hands. This week I was incredibly busy. If it weren’t for this blog I wouldn’t have known about Nice. Thanks to a son on the West Coast I learned about Turkish coup.
    I saw Mickleson ahead by 5 only to see it become one stroke by the day’s end.
    At first I wasn’t so sure about the Pence selection but now think it may be an excellent strategic move.
    Hi to EOS’ kids but I have to root for my home team.

  2. Erdogan has multiple personalities. He leaves the back for unlocked for ISIS while the front door he plays for NATO allies. there’s no doubt Erdogan has turned Turkey more Islamic centrist and that’s why our government was caught off guard re this coup. We weren’t looking because we didn’t object to the direction Turkey was going. The democracy of Turkey is waning.

    1. back for = backdoor???? Don’t’cha love iOs’s auto-correct features? Gotta wonder if it thought “back door” was a naughty reference and decided to censor it….

      1. Ha, I never saw that typo until you brought my attention to it. I try and clean up obvious typos – that one it worth leaving! 🙂

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