Sing a song of MikePence, a Pocket Full of Wry?


All the outlets are reporting that Trump has selected Mike Pence as his Veep. I’m surprised for many reasons and beyond that I figured it wouldn’t be ANY of the names Trump floated, sensing the King of Marketing did all that for show and the real VP would be announced in The Apprentice style – Your’re Hired!

I didn’t like Christie as the choice, nor Gingrich (although I love Gingrich’s style), and General Flynn was a non-starter from the gate.

Thoughts on Pence?



14 thoughts on “Sing a song of MikePence, a Pocket Full of Wry?

  1. I don’t believe the leaks that it’s Pence. The articles say ‘informed sources’ so I’ll wait for the 11am announcement by Trump himself.

  2. I disagree. Much different from reasonable Indiana Republicans like Mitch Daniels and Dick Lugar. Almost as likely as Trump to say stupid stuff. Not a huge Newt fan, but he would have been a much better choice.

  3. Media backing off Pence choice breaking news, saying its not official unless Trump so speaks.

    Hope it’s not Pence. Agree with 85 Broad.

  4. Trump postponing announcement given Nice attack. Smart move. Pence flew to NYC tonight so it is officially Pence.

    1. The attack is awful, on Bastille Day no less.

      Glad Trump is postponing event. It would have been wholly inappropriate. Let’s see if ABC withdraws President Obama’s Town Hall BLM love fest that’s scheduled to air at 8. Eric Garner’s daughter tweeting scathing rebukes of the gathering, saying they promised her all sorts of things to get her to go to DC then didn’t allow any of her questions. She was pissssssssed.

  5. Øbummer has released his fill in the blank condolence thoughts and prayers comment re Nice. Now, back to my Town Hall and me.

    1. Oh dear. That’s bad. And funny. More bad than I’d think Trump might want. No one on the Trump team thought a gif could be made from the T&P?

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