Post Trifecta: Flowers, Food, and Politics

The gladioli I planted that I was sure were doomed to failure are blooming very nicely now. They are bright red (as compared to the photo herewith that makes them look more orange). Love them.


Today also brings about some good old fashioned Italian 101 cooking – my grandmother and mother’s recipe for eggplant and peppers. Double batch. I’m going into the city tomorrow to visit my friend who had the stroke and I asked her if she wanted me to bring her anything. I was shocked when she said Can you make some eggplant and peppers? Now let me say that she’s still struggling with words, putting the right words with things she sees or things she’s trying to describe so I honestly have NO IDEA of she was really trying to tell me bring nothing and out came eggplant and peppers. It’s very atypical of her to (a) ask me to cook and (b) I’ve never known her to eat my homemade eggplant and peppers. I was torn about what to say – I debated about asking her Do you really mean you want me to bring eggplant and peppers but I let it slide and will make and bring a casserole to her. If I get there and she say what the hell is this, I’ll tell her I made one for myself (which will be true) and thought she might like one and if she doesn’t like it or want it, she does now have healthcare aides every day so I can give it to one of them.

Eating the eggplant and peppers is far better than making it – such a mess and I’ll take some photos along the way to prove my statement.


Lastly, politics. The politics of Jeb.


He was interviewed last night by Nicolle Wallace who used to work for W. I refused to watch the interview because I knew knew knew Jeb was going to cry sour grapes, the nobody loves me as they should routine. He did not disappoint. I saw clips this morning and lo and behold, the idiot has told the American public that he will NOT VOTE, period. Great message Jeb, tell people you are not going to exercise your right to cast a vote for President, from a man who wanted to BE President. I’m appalled at his stance and even repulsed by his anger and hubris, that he thinks he’s better than the other candidates and feels it was his right to be the nominee. Hey Jeb, you LOST. He added that voters will feel BETRAYED by Trump. Like WTF?????????  Goodbye Jeb, run back to Florida with your tail between your legs.

Politics will also rear its ugly head when Obama flies to Dallas to lecture the Americans about guns. Mark my words he will ask for more gun control during the interfaith service. This is the time for religion, soft words, praise for the police, not politics but Obama just doesn’t get that. At all.

Otherwise, Happy Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Post Trifecta: Flowers, Food, and Politics

  1. Glads are beautiful. They are among my favorites for cutting. Are the dahlias blooming yet?

    Can you share the eggplant and pepper recipe? I’ve never made it and think I’d like to try. Why is it a mess to make?

    Jeb sucks. Jeb is an idiot. Jeb is a loser.

    1. If you read the book “Jeb and the Bush Crime Family”, you will find ample
      reasons not to appreciate him!

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