I’ll Try Not to Let The Fame Go to My Head

I got an email this morning from a man who represents a gallery in Buffalo, New York who asked if he could use one of my blog photos in an exhibit!

I’m contacting you from Hadley Exhibits in Buffalo, NY.  We’re working on new interpretive exhibits at Louis Sullivan’s Guaranty Building in downtown Buffalo set to open in a few weeks.
In one panel of the exhibit, we discuss Adler & Sullivan’s innovations to bring natural light into the building. One of the techniques they employed was the use of prismatic glass sidewalks around the building to bring light into the lower level. I found your blog searching for a good image of what these sidewalks looked like.
The photo went with a blog post I did in November 2011 so I’m totally psyched that someone likes the image of vault lights enough to use it.
I have an incredibly dear friend who hails from Buffalo so I called him first thing and said Peter, are these guys legit, should I say Yes To the Request? He said by all means SAY YES.
So I wrote the gallery rep back this morning and said he has my permission to use the image (for which he indicated they would pay me). They asked how I’d want to be credited too. Hmmm, that one isn’t as easy. Do I credit the photo as Earth Ocean Sky Redux or as my real name? Any thoughts?
I am for sure going to go see the exhibit when it’s open and hang out with my Buffalo pals and maybe have a plate or two of wings. Peter added that we have to tour the newly renovated Frank Lloyd Wright Darwin Martin House. I’m game.

7 thoughts on “I’ll Try Not to Let The Fame Go to My Head

  1. Hey, there’s another Peter??

    Congrats on the request. I’d go by the blog name for the credit.

    1. Alas Miami Peter. There’s a Buffalo Peter who I’ve known as long as I’ve known Mr. EOS. Buffalo Peter was my summer next door neighbor when I lived on Chappaquiddick. For over a decade, he and 20+ of his friends rented a huge house on my street and we became friends the first year and have remained close ever since. He’s one of the good guys in life, now divorced though and with me trying to fix him up. I keep telling him his odds are reduced greatly when he tells women he’s from Buffalo. Otherwise ladies, he’s a gem.

      In conversation with the gallery, I have decided to be credited as my blog name. Seems fitting.

  2. Now you are an income earning photographer, congratulations. Maybe this will be your next job!! Can’t wait to see the photos you’ll take of the installation. Impressive!

  3. That’s terrific news. Your job hunt may be over. You ought to copyright the photograph so nobody but you can make big bucks off its reproduction.
    One big reason I kept returning to your blog was the quality of the photographs. Plus, the variety of subjects was a draw.
    Very hot but dry day here. Unusual for with heat usually comes humidity. Sitting on the screen porch with a generous pour of white wine.

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