Clinton Orders the Burning of Bedford Village

Different Clinton, but a cheap trick to get you to read the post!

Today marks mark the 237th anniversary of the attack and burning of Bedford which was carried out by about 400 British troops led by Lt. Col. Samuel Birch under the orders of General Henry Clinton.


The Historical Society penned an article in 2004 about the raid but here’s the important paragraphs from the article:

On July 2, 1779, Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton under the order of Sir Henry Clinton, British Commander, led 360 mounted British and Hessian troops on a lightning attack from Mile Square near Yonkers through Bedford to Pound Ridge. There, Tarleton planned to surprise Col. Elisha Sheldon’s 2nd Continental Dragoons and capture Col. Sheldon. However, Sheldon was waiting for Tarleton and with the support of the militia eventually pursued Tarleton and his troops to what is now Mount Kisco. Tarleton did report burning a few houses that day, one in Bedford belonging to Benjamin Hayes because the colonists persisted in firing upon Tarleton from their houses. After the attack on July 2, George Washington sent more troops to Bedford but these troops were quickly sent to Connecticut when the British mounted a large attack on the coast. On July 11, 1779, while the American forces were engaged in Connecticut, 400 enemy horsemen came up to Bedford and burned every house except one. Military reports and newspapers told very little of this raid, only that Bedford was burned that day.

Bedford was founded in 1680 but the homes and businesses in the Village then were burned down in 1779. One building survived.

2010-10-21 002 010
The Village Green



2010-10-21 002 005
Bedford Store

Classic Bedford Village architecture thrives today and being a steward of one of the historic homes on The Green is a rare privilege.

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The Historical Society has also created a fun exhibit in and around town called Outside the Box, Bringing History to Life. I haven’t spied all the life-size photos yet but I did stop this weekend to photograph two.



Here’s one from my 50th high school reunion….I’m the wiseacre girl in the front row, far left, feet crossed, rolling her eyes. Some things never change.



I plan to run into town today to see if any Brits are running around with matches to recreate the event and to make sure NO Clinton’s are around either. One can never be too sure!

Happy Monday. The weekend weather was dreary and dismal. Thanks for participating in the Open Thread.

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  1. The Historical Society really does a lot of fun events for the kids in town, getting them to appreciate and understand the history. My kids participated in treasure hunts and a day in the schoolhouse. Are they planning some recreation of the burning today?

    1. I’m guessing had there been a recreation, it would have taken place over the weekend (despite the rain). I didn’t see nor hear about it so I’m saying no, there wasn’t one. If I learn otherwise today, I’ll holler.

  2. Unrelated, but I’m looking for mother-in-law advice😂

    So, we purchased a new bed for ourselves to use at her house. It is a very small house, and we have my husbands childhood room, which has two single beds along the wall, head to foot. The plan was to remove one of the beds and place the new one, which is also a single (she could not deal with the stress of a double bed for whatever reason…). Now, she is seriously stressed out, refusing to remove an old bed and insisting we put my new bed in her room and she will sleep in our room. I STRONGLY feel we should not take her room, but hubs says w have to do as she asks. I’m nearly to the point of not wanting to go. Any advice? Ugh

    1. I gotta go with what your husband says. My two cents says the stress would be beyond unbearable if your mother-in-law is miserable the whole time you are there. I think it’s irrelevant to get to the root of her reasoning because from what you said, she’s adamant. We all gotta do sometimes. Good luck. I hope you all can have fun nonetheless.

      By the way, are the boys fluent in Swedish? You as well?

  3. Thanks, I’ll let it go.

    Yes, they are fluent. Me, not so much. Long story as to what my impediment was, but many swedes want to practice English, so it can be difficult when they recognize my thick American accent. I understand enough to get me in trouble misunderstanding things, and the boys think it’s hilarious when I try😁

  4. [Ed Note: Sorry AJ, I had to remove the video you posted. I didn’t see the humor of it or how it related to the blog post]

    Oops that was me.

  5. NOTE TO READERS: Some comments are not appearing in the post. I can see them in my Comments admin page but they aren’t appearing in the thread. Hmmm.

    Even more strange, I can see more comments using my iPhone to see the blog, but not here, in my own WP administrative pages. Like the comment I made deleting a video AJ posted…that’s not here…or is it? Are the rest of you seeing something I said to AJ?

    1. Perhaps the bug that bit FWIW has stealthily migrated over the boarder to Bedford? Solution? Build a wall!!

      1. His bug is completely different since HE has commenced changing blog hosts. Although, to that point, when I look at his blog from one device I see 12 comments. From my laptop, I only see 9.

        I do like the idea of a wall though.

    2. I saw aj’s comment and the link to a video which I did not and would not click. Read your reply, too. Both disappeared the next time I visited your blog.

  6. Another o/t but did you hear the vile comments Justice Ginsberg made about Scalia – that it would have been worse had he lived? What kind of person is this, who sits in the highest court in the land, and speaks so heinously about a fellow justice. She should be pulled off the court forthwith.

    She goes on at great length about how she’ll have to move out of the country if Trump is elected, suggesting New Zealand but one NZer said he would want her.

  7. Superior photo essay – 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 (all i get are brown thumbs-not sure why). Really like seeing those old details on the buildings, back when the olde village smithy was banging away.

    Glad I am not the only one to have a censored video on my permanent record:

    1. Consider being censored here a badge of honor for blog decency!

      Years ago, this blog was almost all photo essays. They were decent, if I do say so myself, but didn’t lend themselves to conversation in the comments. Like how many times can someone say Nice Photo???

      1. I’ve been a reader since Day One and loved your photo essay posts. Excellent detailed photos of a fence post or a chimney that kept me coming back for more.

        1. Hmmmmm, I’m trying to guess who you are. Betty? EarthImage? Catherine? Wish you had left your name. Anyway, glad you’ve stuck it out here through photo essays and outing double-parkers! Thank you.

    1. I didn’t see that end coming, although I should of given your lead-in comment.

      There’s a group that call themselves Red Nation Rising who posted this most excellent Tweet. Blacks protecting police with the assumption that those blacks would BE BLM, but not. I checked out the RNR Twitter feed and I see they’ve retweeted calls for the Dallas PD to turn their backs to Obama Thursday. One can only hope they would do that, but I doubt any will.

      I just watched some of the press conference given by the trauma physicians in Dallas. Each one is emotionally drained and traumatized. One doctor, Brian Williams, but not the NBC guy pretending to be a doctor), talked at great length, in TEARS, how much he loves the police but as a black man, how he also fears them. It was quite the statement and the room was hushed, wanting to hear his every word. Incredible men and women who serve the emergency and trauma wards of our hospitals.

      1. I saw that press conference too and was not sure where Dr. Williams was going with his comments. He opened by saying how he loved the Dallas PD so I wasn’t expecting him to say he also fears them. I don’t know how trauma doctors survive mentally. How do they put those images out of their head?

        1. Yeh, I thought Dr. Williams was a bit all over the map too.

          I don’t think a trauma doctor DOES get those images out of their head but they learn to tuck them to the back of their brain same as the Marine or Army soldier home from war.

  8. OT but I thought of you when I read in today’s Gazette (Yes, Gazette – I live in the South) that the newly renovated QM now has kennels -24 of ’em- for those who find it impossible to be separated from their pets for even a couple of weeks. They must be reserved in advance. There is a Kennel Master who will be delighted to walk Dawg & clean up after her using their special disposal thingy. There is a special room for the pet’s owners so they may visit & play and it can be yours for $800 – $1,000. The pets are not allowed to mingle with the other passengers outside of their designated space. Too bad she has motion sickness. She might enjoy cruising.

    1. I’ve heard about the kennels and seen footage of it in Cunard’s Instagram feed. I don’t know this as fact but I bet the dogs allowed are all under X/pounds. Portable dogs. Dawg is not portable.
      I wish at least I could get her beyond car sickness but she seems content to eat and sleep. I can relate to that level of joy.

      UPDATE: here are a two IG links of the dogs. All little guys and gals. Dawg would not like donning a red hat. Not at all.

    1. Only Hillary can answer that question for you. Ya know, it’s all your fault that blacks don’t trust white police. Your fault!!

        1. Damn if that isn’t the best article I’ve read in a long time. No, make that it’s the best article ever written. Better than Shakespeare.

        2. “There are three types of intelligent persons: the first so intelligent that being called very intelligent must seem natural and obvious; the second sufficiently intelligent to see that he is being flattered, not described; the third so little intelligent that he will believe anything. I knew I belonged to the second kind.”
          ― John Fowles, The Magus

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