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I’ll leave this up for the weekend because there’s so much news going on. Feel free to talk about what you want. Dallas Police shootings. FBI. The stinky weather. Vacations. It’s all good.

*****FOR YOU PACING FWIW READERS: Chris emailed me to say the transition from WP to self hosting has been a disaster, a total disaster. He’s either going to fix it himself or try something different and hopes to be back online by the end of the weekend. I only hope he didn’t lose the years of archived posts. That would be catastrophic. 

PART TWO FWIW UPDATE: As of Sunday afternoon, his old site is back up, two new comments got through but no new post. Not sure what all that means, just passing along what I saw. 

65 thoughts on “Open Thread

  1. I’ll start. I’ve never been more impressed with a response by the police than I have hearing and seeing the Dallas chief of police and the mayor. Both have been strong and focused on the facts as they unfold.

    Clinton and Trump have cancelled their events today while Obama is having smile fest with his NATO pals. The question being asked is should he come home?

      1. He’s cutting short his trip, skipping Spain and flying to Dallas. I can’t think of worse idea. What is the police chief going to say? Thanks for nothing? Pandering 101 but that’s his style. All show. No substance.

        1. He’s not cutting his trip short. The rain in Spain will still fall mainly on his plane. Obama, give up a photo op overseas? Hah.

          Wasn’t FLOTUS just in Spain with her girls?

  2. Hey EOS, did FWIW get hacked? I clicked on it and its a blank wordpress page “hello, welcome to word press”.

    1. No. He switched to a self hosted version of WordPress and said there are some glitches in the transition. Some people got a message that it was an insecure server. Comments are being held until he gets things squared away.

    1. Geez, I want one!!!! Did you hear that today Hillary CONTRADICTED Comey’s assertion that she was caress? What unmitigated gall to say the FBI is lying.
      Maybe I’ll buy a gross of those stickers.
      Thanks for the good laugh.

        1. Every day I gain respect for Martha Stewart. She has way more class than Hillary Clinton ever could.

  3. Funny, coming from the presumptive leader of the democrat party that has promoted racial division for decades in order to maintain their death grip of power and control.

    1. Goodness gracious. I remember the West Point women being ripped apart for striking that pose but it got universally debunked because historically that’s what West Point grads do, or something like that.
      As for the Dallas cop shooter, his motives were clearly different. So much about his hate is coming out today. One has to wonder how someone’s heart can be full of hate.

      1. There is a lot of hate…
        Rich.Want to be Rich

        What causes hate step over the line into harmful action?

        1. You are so right. There is a lot of hate. I don’t know what makes some people cross the line. I guess it has to be a feeling of hopelessness, that the hate you feel can’t be quelled unless the other person is obliterated.

        2. I think that the secret hate inside the body creates the possibility of horrendous action.
          The person that lives a life of open hatred will be marked for watching and will most likely be stopped before doing harm.
          Let us watch the quiet ones.

        3. Hate took front row at the police shooting in Missouri. The officer was set up by a fake 911 call and executed in an ambush. The family of the killer says he’s a teddy bear.

      1. There’s no doubt being white today is considered both shameful and on the wrong side of history. Hillary is even telling Americans that white folk are bad. So yes, I suspect had any white male cadets shown any whiteness, the DOJ would be on them. Sad.

    1. The theory presented in that brilliant article is slowly being floated in the mainstream media now. Not by many, and not a prime time, but I’ve heard others start to talk about the gun on Philando’s lap etc. This information goes to much of what is driving the Freddie Gray trials – that prosecutors and the media make assumptions and assertions without all the facts in. Fortunately in the Freddie Gray case, so far all the police have been exonerated. One more is on trial now.

      As long as the President tells the public that not all police should be supported and that it’s hard to untangle the motive of the shooter, we’re doomed. His words give hope for the BLM protesters and more cop shootings.

      Pres Obama says “Americans – to a large degree – want to make sure we have a police force that is supported.”

      and this:
      President Obama on #Dallas: It’s hard to “untangle the motives of the shooter”

    1. It’s far more than bitching and complaining. It’s his previous my stated goal of transforming America. This is why Hillary can not be elected president. She will complete the transformation. We’re screwed.

        1. Because the author of the linked article can’t write for sh**, before I could get to the point of the thing, I struggled to understand who was married to whom and why Lynne was called Mrs. Thompson and how many shoes the Chester Shoe Company sold to make Dorothy an heiress (and is she also a Mrs. Thompson??). Otherwise………….

          Blue Hill is the summer home to at least two of my growing up buddies, one of whom teaches a class at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. It’s a gorgeous place, although I’ve heard it’s ruined with so big houses going (gone) up, taking away the charms of the original real deal Maine summer camps.

        2. Author of the article can’t write a recipe, either. 1/2 cup better (sp) and 1/2 cup shortening is 1/4 cup greater than 3/4 cup shortening. Which is it? Forget it, I’m not going to bake a country wedding cake anyway.
          I have good memories of Design Research at its Harvard Square location. Bought Marimekko stretched fabric wall hangings and colorful plastic Heller mugs there.
          Blue Hill, ME is a beautiful spot but like many beautiful, New England coastal spots has attracted people who, while drawn to an area, are determined to put their own crummy stamp on it.

  4. Thanks for the update on FWIW. It’s how I found your blog in the first place.
    I rather like this free wheeling, open ended weekend discussion for a change. Last week started off splendidly with the Fourth of July and boy, did it ever sink like a stone starting on Tuesday. The timing is horrible.

  5. Going on 7pm, putting a sweater on and lighting the gas-fired ceramic log fireplace
    …….right after opening the wine screw-top

    1. Where are you that you need a sweater and the fireplace? It’s cooler here tonight than previous nights but still the air is very thick and not one speck of breeze. What’s that song – In the Still of the Night – Bonus points: who sang it?

      1. This was a big make-out song in my day – lights out, 45s stacked on the hi-fi, copping a feel or two. Those were the days.

        1. Ha ha. I remember that song but don’t know how. It was a hit when I was only eight, before my make out days!!! I would never have been able to guess who sang it. Great old clip of classic 50s music. No Beyoncé over-choreography. No splashy outfits. Simple good voices. Do- wop.

      1. I gotta say that gal Carla is one piece of work. But thanks to Her, I learned a new white trash vocabulary word, cooter. I bet it’s not on the official OED word-of- the-day list either. 😁😳

        1. I made the mistake of watching her Krispy Kreme Cherry pie review and about two minutes of her video called Date Night. I’m out. 😳😳😳😳😁😁
          One thing, I hope she’s making money for herself through these videos. They are hysterical. I can’t tell, you think it’s all shtick???

        2. The ONLY good news from Comey’s comments and House responses is there’s a CF smack down in the works. Wouldn’t that be just dandy.

          Now, back to Carla. The whole WTN is shtick? Pretty good acting then.

  6. Interesting how all this cop shooting stuff happens just in time to change the news away from criminal Hillary and her get out of jail card. Sort of like how the underwear bomber got on a plane without a passport and was able to bypass security courtesy of the State Department just in time for renewal of the Patriot Act which looked like it might not have had the votes to pass until the dud “bombing” took place.

    1. I think you’ve been talking to my mother AJ. Just this morning she said that every time Hillary gets in trouble, some headline comes in and gets her off the hook. Huh.

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