Out of Gas

I’ve run out of blogging topics and worse, I’m suffering from serious Clinton No Prosecition Stress Disorder. Add the aggravation of the egregious NeverTrump peeps orchestrating a convention coup, pow, my brain matter is splattered all over the wall. 

So I’m going to disconnect for a bit. Not horribly long, just enough time to regroup. 2020? 

Talk amongst yourselves. I’ve left the liquor cabinet unlocked, but leave me some bourbon. Thanks. Have fun. 

11 thoughts on “Out of Gas

  1. We may have to get “Anonymous” back here for an anal bleaching symposium. Anyway, I betcha Hillary doesn’t have supporters like this:

  2. This time, I think Hillary and her corrupt party might have gone too far. At best, they will enjoy only a pyrrhic victory.

  3. It’s got to be difficult to blog so much I can understand why you’d need a break. Everyone needs a break sometimes. We’re leaving sweltering Miami for the North Carolina coast.

  4. Be thankful of your time out. You would not like the House Oversight Committee hearings of Comey. It’s an utter clusterf***

  5. The shooting of the Dallas police officers is horrendous. No mention of the shooters race which has left social media to guess. Consensus is a black male but CNN doesn’t want to go there.

    1. Fox is speculating it’s an ISIS inspired ambush of police. Footage shows a black man. The narrative is destroyed for the BLM folks if the shooter is black.

    2. I was awake at 2-something and couldn’t get back to sleep so I turned tv on and saw this unfold. It is curious there’s no mention of the shooters race. NBC put quotes around the word “ambush” when tweeting about it. CNN black panelists want viewers to differentiate between the the killings by police and the killing of police.
      Ø blamed guns. Yes he went there.

      1. Sheriff David Clarke is ballistic at Obama. I’m watching Fox Biz. Charles Payne and Jeannine Pirro. Brilliant panel.

        1. I heard David Webb went off on Preezy as well. Clarke has long been anti-O. Payne is one incredibly smart guy and extremely well spoken. I’m sorry I missed what he said.

          Now that the Dallas Police Chief has stated the shooter’s motives, an angry black man targeting white officers, it’ll be interesting to watch the BLM spin this, and what Clinton will say.

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