Big wheels keep on Turnin. Con Ed keeps on Burnin. Rollin, rollin, rollin’ on my A/C

It’s well above 90 degrees and the air is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Dawg goes out and comes back in very quickly. She’s not stupid. The A/c is thankfully working, and working nicely, turning the old ConEd meter quickly.


By sheer coincidence, as I’m firing up all three a/c zones, I got a ConEdison review of my electric use in the mail, comparing me to my neighbors. Hmmm. Says I’m only GOOD. Huh.


I’m being compared to efficient neighbors. Like who are they? I’d like to meet them. Can I get their addresses and see what makes them efficient and me only GOOD? I don’t believe it for a second.

I am so damn GOOD it’s unbelievable. Never leave lights on. Run washing machine only when I have more than one load to do. I hang out my laundry to dry. I mainly hand-wash dishes, there are so few. So what’s this that I used 139% MORE electricity than my efficient neighbors? Hogwash. My only guilty electric using pleasures are having the TV and computer on.

So what solutions does ConEdison offer me to improve my bad habits? This is really funny.


  1. Upgrade my refrigerator. Ok, let’s do the math. A new SubZero refrigerator runs about $8- $10,000. Where’s my $195 year savings?
  2. Awnings. Hmmm. I know something about those. I paid a fortune for four of them about 15 years ago, a real fortune for the ones that are automatic, remote control, the best fabric, easily $6,000. What the awning ad doesn’t mention is how they rot, how bees loves to nest under them. how the fabric gets moldy over the winter, and how it’s impossible to change out the fabric without a professional charging a fortune to take them down and refit them. We had to constantly wash them every spring with a Clorox-water mix, which sped up the process of rotting the fabric in the baked sunshine. Three are gone and in a dumpster. The fourth one was due to go when we renovated upstairs but it still lives on but rarely used. So how am I to save $240 on a $6000 awning purchase?
  3. The third one is probably the only one that makes sense – replacing old air conditioners. That’s in the plan here too but  as I mentioned in a previous post, we really need TWO new ones and it goes hand in hand with renovating upstairs.

So I guess I’m stuck with the GOOD only rating by ConEdision because I don’t see that I’m going to spend money to be more efficient. For the hell of it, I should call my neighbors and see what their letters said. I think ConEdison is trying to make me feel bad.

Hope you are cool wherever you are. It’s downright nasty hot.





7 thoughts on “Big wheels keep on Turnin. Con Ed keeps on Burnin. Rollin, rollin, rollin’ on my A/C

  1. If you eliminate the neighbors who are spending the summer in Maine, you would win the prize for energy conservation.
    I’m thinking about turning on the A/C tonight but the Yankee in me is resisting.

    1. I live in a street with mostly old homes. There’s no way any one if them is more efficient than I. No way at all. Maybe a brand new home can be but not all of us with vintage places.
      It’s too darn hot and still here to go without air. You have a stronger will than I.

  2. I believe you. All I meant was any household using less energy than yours must be out of town with all appliances turned off in the house.
    Were I used to central air I’d probably turn it on. Too many doors and windows to close, though.

  3. I say Bravo! You are supporting your local electric company by purchasing extra quantities for you and your family. Silly Con Ed, if everyone was efficient (A+++?), they’d be out of business. Maybe they can use that extra money to make their infrastructure up to date and more efficient so everyone wins!

  4. Spent the day at the beach. Feet in the cool water, sit under umbrella, feel a breeze, take a swim. It was delightful! Just got back from seeing the The Temptation’s outdoor concert in Stamford, that was hot and sweaty, might have been all the dancing.

  5. I don’t know how big your house is, but if you have neighbors with small houses, that’s automatically more “efficient.”

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