Wow, Hillary Must Have Had a Ton of Delta miles to score a Free Companion Fare!

Who of us flying hasn’t tried using our miles or credit card points to get a spouse or friend to travel free. I know we’ve tried it and it’s never quite as easy as it sounds. It’s that fine print that’ll get you every time, like the highly restricted AMEX Platinum card offer. Good luck with that.

Alas, we are just little people and little people don’t get the bennies the elite do. Witness, one Democratic Presumptive Nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who gets HER free ride today aboard Air Force One, tagging along with the President for a mutual admiration society campaign stop in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Hilz has come a long way since the Scooby Van – remember that? The Chevy van that drove her through Iowa?


Funny, she must have realized that week exactly how the middle class actually does live because shortly after Des Moines, she ordered herself a sweet LearJet. A little upgrade.


So now the question is: who exactly PAYS for Hillary’s AF-1 Companion Fare? The Donald wants to know.

Seems it was a fair question. Mark Knoller, who is the default Twitter account for the WH Press Corps responds…

But when pressed on how the fare is calculated and how much the trip will cost Hillary (ha ha ha ha), this…

So the Most Transparent Administration Ever (excuse me, ha ha ha ha) has never released how they calculate fares? So, how about the president’s mother-in-law? She gets to go free? How about when Meryl Steep flew to Africa with the First Lady? Was that free? And of course by free, that doesn’t mean free. The fine print in this sweet deal is that you and I pay. And pay and pay and pay.

Obama and Clinton will be in Charlotte today. One wonders what the city will do with all the homeless I found sleeping along the downtown main streets? Cleaned up enough to hold I’m With her signs?

Trump is in North Carolina today too, Raleigh.

I suspect there will be a race to see who gets to NC first….On your marks, get set, go.

Happy soggy and muggy Tuesday July 5. Have a good one guys!

7 thoughts on “Wow, Hillary Must Have Had a Ton of Delta miles to score a Free Companion Fare!

  1. Happy 5th, or fifth, depending on your point of view today.

    Drudge is running a Trump VP poll – I picked Newt and see by viewing results, I’m in the majority. I hear he met with Joni Ernst of Iowa this weekend and some people are suggesting Portman from Ohio but he’s not even on the Drudge list.

    1. Good link. I haven’t Drudged yet this morning. I’m not sure who I’d pick for Donald. The pundits say he needs someone who is even-keeled, experienced. I’m not sure Joni is experienced enough. She has other excellent qualities but I’m afraid it might look like a McCain-Palin moment if he goes with Joni. Pence would be good. I can see that. I was hoping for a Senator Tom Cotton but he’s awfully young too, but such a brilliant mind. Let me think over another cup of coffee before I weigh in.

  2. Looks like the fat lady can sing. It’s over and Hillary will walk. There’s NO WAY Comey will speak at 11 and say the case is going forward the same day POTUS is flying with her to campaign. Talk about rigged.

    JUST IN: FBI Director Comey will make statement and take off-camera q’s from reporters at 11am today. FBI/DOJ wont confirm topic.

    1. Yep. Figure the same thing. He’ll say there’s no evidence of any wrongdoing and it’s time to move on. This is the day Hillary has been waiting for.

      1. If Comey’s statement is no charges forthcoming, this could be yuuge for Trump, if he handles it properly and doesn’t dumb Tweet.

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