Silence. I Keel You!


On my bucket list forever has been to see Jeff Dunham perform live. I love his entire cast of characters and laugh out loud when I trip across one of his shows on the Comedy Channel but never have I bought tickets…until now. Yay!

Achmed the Dead Terrorist is one of his funniest voices, and that Jeff (and Achmed) can make a crowd in Dubai laugh out loud is a testament to Jeff’s understanding of comedy and that pretty much anything is allowed to be made fun of.

His character Walter is a pretty convincing curmudgeon. Take my word for it. Walter has his own view on the 2016 election. Funny.

The concert is at the Mohegan Sun (ugh) but I figure I’ll go a little early and people watch. Okay, and maybe put a coin or two in the slots. I’ve been to Foxwoods like twice in my life, never Mohegan, but I expect I’ll see the same crowd of old people betting money they don’t have. Hey, come to think of it, I’ll fit right in. And maybe I’ll hit it big and get bumped up from my hotel room in the corner on the back to the presidential suite. About the same odds as winning tonight’s MegaMillions, but hey…..

Not a whole lot of good seats were left for the event so I’m not exactly going to see Jeff up- close and personal, but I will be there and I can’t wait. Life is too short to have anything on the bucket list and not at least try and scratch it off. Agree?

4 thoughts on “Silence. I Keel You!

  1. One of the last things my husband I did before he died was see Jeff perform. We laughed out loud the entire night. When I get down from losing my better half, I remember how much fun we had that night. You guys will love it.

  2. I don’t do any betting other than buying a lottery ticket when the jackpot gets way up there, like tonight. However, I have a friend who does go to Foxwoods/Mohegan Sun ( is there a difference?)pretty regularly. She said the slots don’t take quarters any longer. They use something like what we use for the MBTA- a card with money stored on it.
    When IKEA first opened in New Haven my son and I took a ride down to check it out. On the way back he suggested we stop at a casino. We had dinner at Michael Jordan’s where béarnaise sauce for an already expensive steak cost an extra $4.00. I put a quarter in the slots and nothing happened. It wanted two more quarters. I acquiesced and won $2.50. Took my winnings and got up. Everybody looked up from their machines and glared. I mean, really glared and scared the bejeezus out of me. I guess I was supposed to stay at the slots and lose.
    Thanks for giving me something to watch on tv. Cable costs us more than it should only because we like to watch tennis and baseball.

    1. I’m not a gambler at all. Las Vegas is not even on my radar except maybe to see a good show.
      I can’t even remember why Mr. EOS and I went to Foxwoods (*yes, there is a difference) other than maybe we were in the area. We didn’t spend the night but we did have one of those same outrageously expensive dinners. My recollection is we did use coins to put IN the slots, but had some card to retrieve any winnings. I think I won a little over $100 but the joke was on me. I got violently ill the next day, surely from all the germs on the slot machine handle. And that’s saying something because as you know, I never get sick.
      In the “this is a coincidence” department, today I downgraded the Cablevision to one step above no channels. I just couldn’t see paying so much when in reality I maybe watch five or six channels with any regularity.

  3. We saw Jeff in Nashville last year. My in-laws gave us third row center seats and we roared the entire show. You’ll be glad you got tickets, even if it’s in bad seats.

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