I Pledge Allegiance 

Wishing everyone a glorious Fourth of July.

Stunning photo taken by Earth Image in Florida on July 2nd. Thanks.

Just in: ADDITIONAL PHOTOS from CosHarbour, his Fourth of July celebration in Old Chatham NY. Note, PEEPS!! 🙂

Parade MG

Parade Colonists!

Parade horse….

Old Chatham military….

Parade baby…

Hunt Club hounds….

If you want me to post photos of your cooking or gathering today, email me by clicking here.

MORE: A Patriotic Pop from the Iowa contingent. Mmmmm

MORE: Cake by SoundBeacher. WOW!


MORE: Martha sent photo of cake done by her boys. As she said in her comment below, they made a half-size cake and couldn’t fit all the stripes on, but hey, looks perfect to my eyes! 


10 thoughts on “I Pledge Allegiance 

  1. Beautiful photo EI.

    We celebrated yesterday with two of our children and a big backyard barbecue. The kids are flying back to their respective corners this morning and we’ll watch tennis and eat leftovers.

  2. Happy Independence Day! Seems kind of bittersweet, because after 240 years, we’ve traded an onerous and corrupt ruling class in England for an onerous and corrupt ruling class in Washington D.C.

    Had to laugh, your previous post about the travails of proper propane procurement yielded SIX blogger likes! A new record??

    1. Six likes? I didn’t even see that. I believe it’s because I used the WP tag humor, which is by far the number one tag people follow. It doesn’t even have to actually BE funny and sometimes I get a like before I think anyone has had an opportunity to read what I read. For some, it’s like liking a Facebook page – it’s an automatic reaction.

  3. Happy July 4th to you all.
    Thanks for sharing the photos, each represents another corner of your world, EOS, and now ours. They all look great!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the photos!

    EI, we need to talk about the Keys someday😉

    I just mailed you the boys flag cake. Hubs and I are trying to lose weight 🙄 So they made a half batch and could not fit all the stripes.

    1. Martha: Thanks – I’m mwf@earthimage.com

      My Florida office is in Largo, not Key Largo. That’s Clearwater’s Pinellas County, which is a long way from the Monroe County Keys.

      Nevertheless, my Florida expertise is in the Keys, and my principal project is the Key West Cruise-port and off-shore islands with regard to land use issues.

      We would be happy to hear from you.

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