No, You Said You’d refill the Tanks. No, You!

Barbecue Bible 101: Always have a spare full propane tank for the grill.

Partial check, we DO have a spare tank. Only problem, it doesn’t have any propane in it. And the tank that’s ON the grill is on fumes! Doink.


Can you say charcoal cooked steaks?

Because we never use charcoal (and not sure why we even own this bag of lump charcoal – Christmas stocking gifts?), we don’t own a proper chimney starter so we’re cobbling something together. The wind picked up just as we lit it and I’m really not interested in a 911 call to the Bedford Fire Department, so we’ll look for the closest Blue Rhino tank sales and see if we can get one without everyone there laughing out loud. Hey Joe, another loser family who forgot to fill their tanks. Probably their best sales day is today and tomorrow morning. I see we have plenty of options nearby – from High Ridge Road in Stamford to lots of places in Greenwich. I think we’re good to go but we’re going to call ahead because there is a chance they are even out.

Stunningly gorgeous day for a family BBQ. Made an angel food cake last night that is perfection, or was perfection until it came out of the tube pan. Looks a little worse for wear now but it’ll get the raspberry blueberry and cool whip flag decoration later and no one will know that the cake is dropped a bit.

Happy 3rd.

UPDATE. To prove Swanton’s comment- her photo!!! How funny is this?? 

4 thoughts on “No, You Said You’d refill the Tanks. No, You!

  1. That is downright creepy because it looks exactly like what I saw when I turned on my grill last night. The good news is that there was enough propane left to have all three burners on high long enough to get a great char on the steak tips. Turned out perfectly cooked, too.
    Did you know there is a date on propane tanks, after which it is supposedly illegal to have them refilled? Found that out last year.

    1. No way!! That is creepy. You didn’t tell me you were cooking steak tips. Geez, I woulda been there had I known.

      I didn’t know about the date on the tanks but I fill mine at the propane company that provides my gas for the generator etc. If they noticed a tank was old (I’m going to loon now) I’m sure they’d simply give me a new one.

  2. In the past week, the 2 times we’ve tried to BBQ, the grill wouldn’t work. It had propane, turned on the valve and heard a hissing. The hose from grill to tank had been chewed thru. Went to the hardware store, told oh yes, it’s the squirrel’s be sure and turn off the tank; run the grill so the gas clears the line. Bought the new hose $32.00 (had to cook the fillet in the oven that night) The next night was planning on grilling salmon, same thing. The new hose chewed thru again. Never had seen this before now it’s daily occurrence. Now in the morning it’s the first thing we check. We are planning on grilling tonight!

    1. What a mess. I’d buy squirrel repellent next time at the hardware store! Or a trap. Can you wrap the hose in a metal sheath, or cover it with Brillo pad material? Good luck BBQing.

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