I Turn off the TV for Hours and Look What Happened

Moderator: Raise your hand if you were interviewed by the FBI today!


Oops. But no worries Hillary fans. All is fine. This was just a simple voluntary exercise, no subpoena, just three hours of chit-chat, probably about the grand-kids and things!

Secretary Clinton gave a voluntary interview this morning about her email arrangements while she was Secretary. She is pleased to have had the opportunity to assist the Department of Justice in bringing this review to a conclusion. Out of respect for the investigative process, she will not comment further on her interview,” Nick Merrill, a Clinton spokesman, said in a statement.

The odds are in favor that Hillary chose not to answer the FBI agent’s very kind questions, as is her right. I mean, after all, she did take time out of a holiday weekend to be interviewed so the least the FBI could do is to make the questions easy enough for her to say I refuse to answer…

Not to be outdone, seems the Donald also got some unwanted press today, in the form of an ad against Crooked Hillary.


The progs went ballistic claiming Trump designed the Star of David on top of a pile of money. Uh oh. Anti-Semite? I saw it as a sheriff’s badge, but then again, I’m not a prog looking to pick a fight against Donald. Alas, Trump capitulated to the shouts of anger and changed the ad, made the same claim, but used a red circle. Is Donald now anti-Japanese?


Back on the BBQ front, the day has not been the best weather-wise. The wind is pretty strong, the sun behind lots of clouds, and the patio cushions taking too long to dry out. At one point the sky got very dark but it has not rained.

Oh, and this gem. An Obama gem. Just classic Barack.

The State Department confirmed Saturday that a U.S. citizen was among those “senselessly murdered” when Islamic terrorists stormed the restaurant in the diplomatic quarter of the Bangladesh capita, Dhaka. The standoff ended Saturday morning when police stormed the restaurant, killed six attackers and rescued 13 hostages.

So what’s a President to do when an American is one of the many killed by another ISIS attack?



Back to my regularly scheduled TV and media ban. You may now walk about the cabin.

16 thoughts on “I Turn off the TV for Hours and Look What Happened

    1. There is that but I gotta say my stomach turns at the thought that the WH press release makes no mention that an American was among the dead. On the most American of all weekends.

  1. Conspiracy Theory:
    Bill planned to make the news with Loretta in order for the FBI to have faux outrage and call for Hillary to be interviewed. Nothing answered. Nothing admitted. Now the Clinton campaign can say this national crisis is over. CNN is already on board with my theory, which should be proof enough for you doubters.

    1. Anon is spot-on. Hillary speaking to the press is already saying things like she respects the DOJ process and in hindsight Bill and Loretta shouldn’t have met. She added that she learned of the meeting ON THE NEWS!
      No charges. This is over. They fast forwarded the interview to make it easier for Hillary going into the convention.

    1. Just like Benghazi, in any other administration, the guy at the top would be getting the heat for incompetence. Somehow, Obama lets Hillary take it in the shorts – there’s gotta be a story here somewhere?

      1. JEANINE FOR VEEP!!!!!!! That woman rocks. Her only downfall was the day she announced for NY Senate against Hillary and got horribly scared and her papers were all akimbo. It was tough to watch her that day.

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