Marlin Perkins Wild Kingdom

My yard was littered with wild turkey this morning – I lost count at ten – just strolling along, whistling dixie, not aware of me. Thankfully Dawg was inside because she would have made them aware of her- Dawg may be old and mostly deaf, but a turkey is a turkey and dem is good for chasing!


They’ve been around in my yard and woods for years and I rather enjoy them. Sometimes at night or early morning I can hear them gobbling off in the distance. Probably mom telling the kids to hurry up and get dressed! [groan]

Dark or light meat with your mashed potatoes? 

But the bigger news in town is that there was been an actual MOOSE sighting. First day I heard about it, it was spotted on Harris Road, the road that the Bedford Hills Women’s Correctional Facility is on so my theory is that Hillary sent out the moose to check out her future cell accommodations. But that’s just my theory.

Today the moose has been seen way over in  Millwood which indicates to me he got on the Saw Mill during the torrential rains last night and with the Saw Mill always flooding, he was able to float over to Millwood without much problem. See, I have a answer to all your questions.

Photo credit: Joanna Peck

It is rather curious there’s a moose in Westchester to begin with, let alone a single moose. I would like to think someone would gently round him up and drive him back up to the Adirondacks where he could find family and friends. Reports I’ve read say they aren’t harmful if ignored – I don’t plan on getting close enough to find out.

The storm last night was BRUTAL. The rains were so hard and so heavy my gutters were gagging and my driveway drains overflowing to the extent that I had a river forming. All seems perfect this morning – the breezes are fabulous – no need for the a/c (which is working fine, thanks for asking), the sun is bright, the new flag back up and out and the patio furniture cushions airing out upright to drain all the water in them.

No one won the MegaMillion jackpot. My mom won $2.00 – had one number and the MM number. I told her that was an omen!!

Happy Saturday.

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  1. A solitary moose was seen ambling down suburban streets in towns only a few miles from Boston recently. Odd that they are making their way so far south.
    It rained heavily last night. Beautiful day now. Sunny and breezy.

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