It sure would be nice to have The Brady Bunch’s Alice around today. This mound of dishes defies gravity. Yes I know, I should have cleaned up as I went along. I didn’t. Now I’m paying the price.

Cooking up a storm – two of the Martha Marley Spoon meals, plus a batch of my mom’s famous potato salad that I keep test-tasting to make sure it’s still as good as I remember as a child (yes)..I’ve roasted a mound of veggies, and I’m making the third and final MS recipe, Celery Fennel and Quinoa salad. The quinoa is cooking right now 18-20 min. It’s topped with fried chickpeas cooked in cumin and roughly chopped almonds. One of us will love this. One of us will not. 🙂

In between, we’ve hung the new flag – this time on the house, right outside my office window so I can see it all day. Before it was on a tree in the front of the house where there wasn’t a clear view – why put up a flag only for others to enjoy?


Had Wimbledon tennis on but it was rained out. Watched some of the news and scanned Twitter to see that the world is still in one piece. And Hillary still won’t get indicted.

BUT, the newly remastered Queen Mary 2 came into NYC (actually Brooklyn) this morning, posting on Instagram this sensational photo.


Rain about to come down big time. The sky is pitch black so I’m going to run and bring the flag in. Happy Friday JULY FIRST!!!!!


Quinoa celery chickpea salad amazing!! The flavors are to die for. The chickpeas got fried in cumin until crunchy toasty then the cooked red quinoa went into that pan for the quinoa to pop. The dressing was shallots, fennel, and celery in an olive oil and Dijon mustard dressing. Salad topped with crumbled Feta and chopped almonds. Mmmm.


Dishes are done and so am I. Feet up time……aaah.


4 thoughts on “Allllllliccce!!!

  1. I heard Alice doesn’t live here anymore. Cooking is great fun. Washing pots, pans, dishes, utensils- not so much.
    It’s very dark and still here but no tornado warnings as you to the west have. I read the advice on going to a basement in the event of a tornado but I’d worry about having the house collapse on top of me. Guess I’d never make it in Kansas. Then again, I have no plans to move to Kansas.
    Voluntary water conservation in my town was requested today. There are few private wells in use here.
    Some interesting tennis results. Sam is up two sets to love on Novak.I’m betting Novak comes back to win in five. And, how about Del Potro? Nice win there.

    1. It’s raining here so hard my driveway drains and gutters are spewing. It’s coming down in sheets. Huge huge thunder claps that woke up Dawg enough to move under the dining room table. At times it’s raining sideways it’s so bad.
      I had lawn crew skip mowing yesterday. The grass is the straw that Rumpelstilskin used to turn into silk.
      I haven’t caught up on any tv today other than a snippet here and there. Thanks for the update in tennis wins.

  2. I’m sure my mother regularly hisses at me from her grave, but I’ve mastered the mindset of letting that big dirty mess wait until the next morning.

    Contrary to the teachings of my upbringing, I’ve learned that a) all roaches from the tri state area will not show up in your kitchen before sunrise; b) neither the Health Department nor the professional photo crew from Architectual Digest will show up in your kitchen before sunrise, and c) the world will not end before sunrise, so you will not be consigned to some special circle of hell created just for this kind of “slovenliness.”

    Au contraire, you will get up, make a strong pot of coffee, turn on loud music of your choice, and whisk through these chores. It won’t exactly be big fun, but it will be easy easy enough to git ‘er done. 😀

    1. I admit to leaving a dish or two in the sink overnight but groan in the morning looking at it. I can’t start the coffee until the dishes are done (we must have had the same mother!).

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