Just call me Barbara mason

Because, [Fill in the blank. See below if you don’t know] …..for the Fourth weekend. Checklist, done.



Beef, and plenty of it, and our favorite turkey hot dogs too.


The GOOD Freihofer hot dog buns too. Yay!


In case someone’s significant other is a vegetarian, they can have a tofu burger. Actually, this tofu goes to a Martha Marley Spoon recipe. I wouldn’t buy it on my own. Nope.


Blue chips and X-Rated salsa that’ll cure what ails ya. Speecy spicy hot and good …I had to check to make sure it was okay! 🙂 Yep. 3035852059

I closed my eyes at the beer aisle and grabbed an IPA. I liked the logo (great way to choose beer!) but who knew that I’d pick the one that tastes like feet, with a hint of peach. It’s god-awful. I’ll add BYO Beer to invite.


Ingredients to make an American Flag cake….mmmmm. Optional to add angel food cake. BTW, yada yada, I bought vegetables too.


And ta-da, our new flag and flag pole. The last pole and tree brace we had bit the dust when the limb of a tree came down and it’s taken us this long to replace it. Once the flag fell to the ground, we took it to the American Legion for proper disposal. The Legion has some excellent flag tips and info. 


Bedford looks somewhat like this – no one was in town yesterday and I expect many escaped early for a LONG LONG weekend at the shore. Not a car in sight. Heavenly.


In other news, I’m waiting for an electrician this morning to replace a breaker that goes with one of the AC compressors. Should be an easy task and one I COULD do myself but funny thing about electricity – no thanks, I leave that to the professionals. Zaaapppp.

Finally, in case you were wondering about the headline………….the fill in the blank….

We’re gathering piecemeal this weekend, before the 4th beause with kids who work, it’s hard to get them in one place at one time. We take them as we can get them.

Who else is ready?



14 thoughts on “Just call me Barbara mason

  1. IPA’s are all over the map in taste. Some taste worse than feet. We go to the new craft beer place in Bedford Hills, where the bird feeder place was. Try it. Some great brands.

    Our old neighbors have invited us over for a cookout on the 3rd. I know many people who are cooking Saturday and Sunday and not Monday. We get to interact with the new owners of our old house. I hope they are happy because I do not want to spend the entire cookout being asked why such and such doesn’t work.

    1. Are there HRC voters here? Off with their heads! I haven’t risked life and limb (yet) buying any Trump items – my GOP TOMS are statement enough, so far. I may get more courage as time comes closer. Bottom line, I never put stickers on my car, unless it’s my resident beach club sticker.

  2. I’m old enough to remember that song but never would have put a name Barbara Mason with it. I thought Helen Ready sang it but that would be funny.

    We stick to Corona with lime. No fancy IPA for us. Two of our kids are flying into Miami tomorrow for the long weekend. We’re cleaning up the barbie.

    1. The farm stands here that have corn have what I can early season corn. It’s marginal at best. I didn’t buy any which is a bummer because it IS the epitome of July 4th food. Not many good tomatoes yet either.

  3. How about some really explosive pyrotechnics that put Macy’s East River display to shame? Light up the Bedford skies!

    1. What makes you think we don’t have them? I brake for Fireworks Sold here signs! Our neighbors do a great backyard fireworks display that rouses even dead dogs. Ours are more tame.

  4. The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. Summertime and the livin’ is easy. There’s a fancy club dinner dance tonight but we’ll skip it. Those things remind me of weddings to which I’ve been more times than I can count. We’ll be at a free band concert on the town common. It’s a tradition to socialize with old friends at their place on the actual holiday. Simple fare but lots of it. We bring wine, beer and brownies. They don’t believe me but it is the highlight of my summer.
    I can’t say much about beer because I don’t drink it.
    Weather is spectacular!

    1. Agree! The quintessential Norman Rockwell painting is the 4th in a small town where everyone knows everyone and you sit and sip and be convivial. Love it.
      Speaking of brownies, did you read where a kid was sanctioned by some school for saying brownie and another kid was offended? Not kidding. One kid brought brownies to class, called them brownies, which they are for god sake, and another student was so offended the school called the authorities. I’ll see if I can dig up the story. It was mind-numbingly stupid.

      Have a great 4th. Yes, the weather IS perfect.

  5. I’m going to bring brownies to my Fourth of July party and I am confident nobody will be offended.
    A neighboring town will have big parade on Monday. The center lines on the streets of the parade are painted red, white and blue. My town’s big patriotic event takes place on Memorial Day. To the south of us is the town where I spent summers as a child. There, the Fourth was the about as home town Americana as you could find. The parade had convertibles all decked out, kids on bicycles with crepe paper woven through the spokes, rag tag but enthusiastic bands and flags everywhere. After the parade, kids’ events took over the golf course. Three legged races, relay races, you name it. At night, fireworks- legal and those bought by somebody who knew somebody in NYC’s Chinatown. Or, that’s where they said they got them….
    Wonderful memories.

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