The Mindset Behind Buying a Lottery Ticket

No one won the MegaMillions last night. Once again I was sure my ticket would win (power of positive thinking?), even though from the outset, I jinxed my chances of winning by buying my ticket across the border in CT.


Here’s what’s left of my ticket. I went all in for two dollars.

When I saw I lost, my mind went into overdrive with reasons why I didn’t win:

  • I bought the ticket in Connecticut and not at my traditional purchase place. Jinx.
  • There are people in this world who deserve to win such a large sum. I’m Undeserving.
  • The powers that be know that I am already calculating ways to spend it before winning.Bad juju.

But, while I’m out today, I’ll spend another $1.00 (or two). Yes I will, for like everyone else, I’ve fallen for the tag line Hey, You never Know.

There’s a sucker born everyday. Add me to the list.

Happy Wednesday. Make it a good one everybody.


7 thoughts on “The Mindset Behind Buying a Lottery Ticket

  1. It is all a mind game, that’s what the lottery people want so with you and everyone else who buys into it, they win and the jackpot keeps going up. My limit is one ticket per jackpot. There’s the PowerBall tonight. I have $2.00 invested in that too. Why not, is my motto. I’m not spending the kids grocery money or buying $100 worth. $1.00 and a dream is reasonable.

    1. I had not seen the photos. Thanks, I think, but it’s hard to erase such greed out of my mind. Michelle wants so badly to be royalty or a pop star (Beyonce envy!) and thanks to our taxes, she gets to pretend. Good question why the American press pays no heed to her.

  2. To me, it’s an insurance policy. I play the same birthday dates/anniversary dates. If my numbers ever came up and I didn’t play, I’d kill myself.

    1. I used to play my own number string of the same – birthdays etc, but have gone singularly to quick pick. Carrying my own ticket in my wallet folded often presented problems scanning it and I’d get a SIGH from the people behind me.
      As for when I buy my tickets elsewhere, I am with you. The times I don’t buy at the gas station, I think that would be the day someone from there will win. I’d die, just die.

  3. Why is it that we buy lottery tickets when the pot is yuuuuuge and ignore when the payout is a miniscule 30 million bucks? Odds of winning are the same and a free million or so never hurts. I’ve got two tickets for tonight. Had two for last night but the machine didn’t pick the numbers I wish it had.

    1. Actually, I buy two tickets the day after a big jackpot win, for that very reason. My MOM bought two MegaMillions and two PowerBall tickets (at a 7-11 which often has winners). Of course if mom wins, she’d have to share it with two daughters. I’m the good daughter so I should get more!

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