No Aspic For Dinner*


No ’50s, ’60s or early ’70s bride was worth her marriage license without a tomato aspic recipe in her bag of tricks – the wow factor, walking it to the table as it jiggled and shined, was worth the oohs and aahs from guests, even if nobody wanted more than one bite because few people like aspic other than how it looks. I love them!

I’ve made a few aspics myself in the day, even as late as the 1980s, a recipe from a friend on Long Island whose secret was using Beefamato, and not tomato juice. Celery, never olives. And his preferred mold shape but not mine, a fish.

This recipe from the website The Local Palate comes close to the one I make and theirs looks pretty enticing as well, much better than McCall’s made it look above!

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*Now, quickly, name the movie from which my headline came – No fair cheating and Googling it. Either you know or don’t. Stay tuned for a post later today related to the movie.

Today my second (and last) box from Marley Spoon arrives. Once was intriguing, twice will be interesting, Third week, no, I can shop for myself. The website does have an easy one click Suspend my subscription button. Count on it happening. Sorry Martha, great idea. Excellent execution. But too many disposables in the packaging and not for the old cook who can do this with my eyes closed.

The rains finally came, much much needed rains. Looks like a good day for the movies and Finding Dory is on my list.

Happy Tuesday and don’t forget, the MegaMillions jackpot is up over $350 million. A dollar and a prayer. I bought one yesterday, over the border in Stamford, and I’ll buy one today, at my regular (losing) buying hole, the old Hess station in Bedford Hills.

8 thoughts on “No Aspic For Dinner*

  1. I make a mean aspic that I trot out once a year at Christmas. Guests take a spoonful because it’s in the buffet but when the dishes are in the sink, the aspic is there, mushed around and under the other food to hide it!

    Don’t know the movie.

  2. Reminds me of the molded shrimp mousse that my mother made well into the late 90s. She insisted people loved it…

  3. How fun would it be to have a murder mystery themed dinner – like kholodets a la Hannibal Lecter:

    Guests could guess the ingredients.

    1. Geez, I was just about to make lunch. I think I’ll pass. Reminds me of the time we took the kids to Mohonk Mountain House for their Scottish theme weekend. Dinner included haggis. Oh joy. Mohonk has big murder mystery weekends too. I’ve never been to one, nor do I think I want to. The only really good mystery movie was Murder By Death. The blind butler and the deaf maid. Ha ha And of course, they lived at 2-2 Twain

  4. Hi, it’s me, Bedford Mom, with my new name. My real name is Margaret but my mom calls me Meg so as I thought about new blog monikers, this one was suggested by my mom. I liked it. Double Play on word for the state of CT, play on my name.

    We’re not in our house yet, a few weeks left to go. Painters were impossible to pin down this time of year and what started out as just new appliances has turned into new countertops and backsplash too. We’re going to wear out our welcome at my in-laws house soon but this free roof gives us the chance to fix up the new place before we move the kids in.

    EOS, what was in the Marley Spoon box this week? I am going to sign up and cook three days a week for my in-laws.

    1. LOVE the new name! Funny too. Kudos on getting so much done on the new house before moving in. We’ve never had that luxury – we’ve always lived in the middle of reno chaos – at times brutal when the kids were little and I was doing dishes in the bathtub.

      The recipes I chose this week are varied – Roasted fish and Kimchi Potatoes. Celery, fennel, and Quinoa Salad. barbecue Chicken and Dill pickle snap pea potato salad.

      This will be my last delivery but I can see how it would work for you at your in-laws. I don’t cook that often anymore and this oddly forces me back into cooking more than I would. I will repeat – the quality is excellent – the ingredients incredibly fresh and the recipes clever, flavorful, and interesting. If I were a young professional or a single working mom, this would make more sense.

  5. I think what appeals to me the most is not having to think of something to prepare, I Iost interest in cooking long ago. Cooking for 2 (1 now) is just plain boring. Whenever I muster up a desire to get in the kitchen & get cracking I end up still cooking for 5.

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