How is it Possible that John Kerry is so stupid? [Rhetorical question]

As terrorists bomb the Istanbul airport, with the death toll already at 50 and climbing, John Lurch Kerry goes on television from Aspen to say this is the action from a group that knows its losing. 

Losing? ISIS is losing? How is that even possible to say? Kerry added, we are looking into the motivation. Holy sh**, I couldn’t believe he actually said that.

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Then I realized this is a man from the Obama administration whose priorities are:

The Olympics are still struggling to define Gender.

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A television personality anxious to share with the world the joy of all her abortions.


A faction of the LGBT community that is convinced it’s the Republicans who kill, not ISIS. 


A president who finds time to stack Cheerios and make friendship bracelets. 


ISIS isn’t losing Kerry. The American people are, for being so stupid to vote Obama in twice and to put up with the thought, even the thought of electing Hillary.

I don’t care one hoot if you think Trump is loud or boorish. Our country is in the toilet folks, the poop stained toilet, and if we don’t fight to take it back, I don’t know what will happen. Vote Trump, or if you can’t do that, vote Anyone But Clinton.


10 thoughts on “How is it Possible that John Kerry is so stupid? [Rhetorical question]

  1. I haven’t heard Obama give a remark about Istanbul yet. Nor Hillary. Trump did but I can’t find it now.

  2. Kerry can’t even say ISIS, let alone say it was responsible. He used that DAESH acronym.

    How do you expect Trump to defeat ISIS?

      1. They do that already when they are not in the middle of a city full of oppressed civilians.

  3. There’s conflicting reporting this morning if this attack is ISIS. What I’m hearing ISIS hasn’t claimed responsibility so chris might be on to something.
    Waiting for obummer to make a statement. Hillary’s was predictably soft- work together with our allies. Trump at least is willing to say Isis needs to be obliterated.

    1. The WH issued a one line statement. What’s the president going to say? He’s got nothing so he’s likely willing to let Hillary take the lead on the commentary because whatever happens to ISIS will be on the next president’s watch.

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