Should I Climb back under the covers? 

What is my Pepperidge Farm Thin White slice trying to tell me? Doesn’t look happy!!!!! 


14 thoughts on “Should I Climb back under the covers? 

  1. You should say you heard Jesus speak to you when you took that slice out of the toaster. No one is going to put you on TV or give you money otherwise. 🙂

    I see you landed on Thin White as your bread this week? It’s good for sandwiches but tough to toast – per your example, it burns in odd places because it’s so thin.

      1. Well, they all look happy and wholesome to me, at least those who showed their faces! 🙂 Beats the gaggle of women who say #I’mWithHer

  2. Your toast reminded me (somewhat) of this chicken mushroom, so, add in bird’s chirping and a canine at the end and there you are:

    1. (A) His relationship with the cream cheese was interesting.
      (B) When the screen said he didn’t eat the sausage and I saw the dog, I expected the dog was really a dingo and it ate both the baby and him!

  3. If I look very carefully and use plenty of imagination, I think I see the image of a gun. Your toaster is immediately expelled from the kitchen.

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