I See What You Did There

Seems not much goes on behind my computer screen that is unnoticed by the pages I visit. I was sick and tired of ad-heavy pages taking forever to load, or triggering an ad that has video playing in the background (worst!), so I added an AdBlocker to my Chrome extensions that is the best thing since peanut butter….or so I thought..


It works like a charm – sites like NYT, Weasel Zipper, and Daily caller are crazy ad heavy – just look at the numbers blocked…



But…………..websites are realizing people like me are installing AdBlocker and are playing back the same game…enter Forbes…


And when I did turn off the AdBlocker for this site, it said thanks, and that I could continue to view the Ad-Light version for sixty days. Then what?

I’m not sure I like that I can be forced to watch a site’s ads. If I want to block them, that should be my right. No? They have the right to have ads in the first place – I don’t begrudge any site from earning their expenses, but if I want to view their site without, then why should I be blocked from viewing their site with my ad blocker on? Asking you Forbes. I haven’t run across any other site that gives me the message Forbes did. There must be many though – just not ones I’ve tripped across.

Looks like a sunny Monday but I’m going rogue and hope for rain. My lawn is straw and the garden beds are looking pretty parched.

For the moment, it’s back to regularly scheduled coffee. Have a good one folks!


2 thoughts on “I See What You Did There

  1. It’s your right to block ads, and their right to block you from viewing a site that is paid for through ads.

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