Lattice Entertain You

Hot and bubbly out of the oven. Homemade crusts (Crisco only). Fresh blueberries. 

That’s all the good news. 

The bad news? 

This is my contribution to an annual neighborhood party so my only hope of getting a slice is at the dessert buffet. Hey, who needs a first course? 🙂 

9 thoughts on “Lattice Entertain You

  1. Yummmmmm. I made blueberry scones this morning from the America Test Kitchen cookbook. Complicated recipe but worth it.

    Whose recipe is the pie?

    1. Jane, I’ve made the ATK scones. Complicated is the understatement. Frozen butter. Sour cream. Chilling flour even. Too much work for me. But moist.

      No real pie recipe. Blueberries. Cornstarch. Sugar. Cinnamon. Dash of salt. Lemon zest. That’s it.

  2. Put the pie at the back of the party dessert table and hope no one sees it. Then you can come home with it all.

    Nice lattice.

  3. Cut the pie into wedges, take a big honking one for yourself, serve on platter with appropriate garnish. If anyone asks, just say there was a horrible accident in the kitchen, but, luckily there was enough left to serve. I’d prefer it served this way anyhow – people do a terrible job of cutting a piece for themselves and usually leave a big mess of uneatable dessert 😬

    1. I came home with an EMPTY pie plate but I did score one piece AND a slice of the MUCH better dessert on the table, a killer four layer coconut cake. OMG!!!

  4. Thanks for the photo share and shout out on FWIW! Was it that long ago I took that pic?

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