Looks Like Smooooooth Sailing for Us At Least!

While the rest of the blogging world is discussing the merits of the UK leaving the European Union, we’re counting the days until we board the newly remastered Queen Mary 2.

She underwent a two month updating that is drool-worthy which makes it even harder to wait until fall for the voyage.

[Note: All photos from Cunard]


Yes, another round of drinks please.

Britannia Restaurant
Carinthia Lounge
Our Room!
Kings Court Dining Area

The level room we chose comes with its own dining area, below, and the biggest decision we have yet to make is if we reserve a table for two every night – or four, or six?

Princess Grill Restaurant.

Two would mean we have to talk to each other for every meal the whole voyage. 🙂

Four might mean if the other couple is a dud, we still end up only talking to each other.

So I vote we ask for nightly table of six, enough of a mix to ensure a balance of duds and gabbers.

We can’t wait.

The only part of our journey that could be interesting is if the British Pound and the US Dollar don’t settle down before October. Right now, the volatility makes us wonder what will become of the price of our after-voyage London hotel rooms we’ve already reserved, or if it stays at the price reserved? I don’t know.

Happy Friday one and all.

2 thoughts on “Looks Like Smooooooth Sailing for Us At Least!

  1. Oooh, I’m green. The stateroom looks quite spacious. I’d risk reserving a table for six with the idea the other four would be interested in being sociable as well.
    Roller coaster of a Brexit night. I turned off the light when the pound hit $1.50 but couldn’t sleep. Heard it got as low as $1.34. I think the world markets are overreacting and will settle down within a week or so. Not that anyone asked for my opinion….
    As far as hotel rates for your UK trip, my guess is that there will be some favorable play in the exchange rate in October. Wouldn’t worry about it at the moment.
    Another picture perfect day here.

  2. The remastering looks beautiful and we can’t wait until you live blog from aboard. I vote a table of six as well but friends of ours who cruise often say they prefer a table for two. Your voyage is only seven days so even if you do get clunkers, you aren’t stuck with them for a long time.

    Agree with Swanton that the pound will settle down by autumn. It shouldn’t be that much off what it was before the Brexit vote.

    Are there any of your readers who are Brits? Catherine’s husband is but with their move, we won’t know how her husband feels about the vote. I think it’s very good and sends a message that nationalism is valued once again. The polls had the vote very wrong but as I heard someone say this morning, they are wrong for the reason that the polls on Trump are off. Few UK residents wanted to go on record before the vote to say they wanted out. It sounded like an isolationist’s view. Same way many people are closet Trump voters. They’ll never admit they are until election day.

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