Is this Princess SummerFall WinterSpring?

hqdefault (1)

A) You have to be really old to know who Princess SummerFall WinterSpring is

B) You have to be even OLDER to recognize the man on the left as Garry Moore, host of What’s My Line.

Anyway, while ironing sheets this afternoon, I have the Buzzr TV channel on (my brain is on Brexit overload) when this old commercial came on for Dream Whip.

The hired actress is probably Italian or Spanish, definitely NOT one ounce feather Indian. Then she can’t remember her first line. Big heapum stage fright.

Today not one word of their dialogue would be allowed which is too bad because I think it was quite appropriate for the Thanksgiving holiday and pumpkin pie making audience the makers of Dream Whip were aiming for.

I wonder where our Indian Princess is today and if she’s a Redskins fan! I know one thing – she’s bummed this footage is around still.

8 thoughts on “Is this Princess SummerFall WinterSpring?

  1. White man’s magic! That’s hysterical. Poor girl looked scared to death. She couldn’t get two words out without looking at the teleprompter.

  2. Very funny. Hard to believe that show ran for 15 years?
    As a youngster, I remember seeing two of my nearby Mt.Kisco neighbors on that show. Bennett Cerf and Arlene Francis. Both had “country” homes on Orchard Road. The Cerfs even had three hole golf course!

  3. Guess who just called from DC. I have never been a registered democrat except when I needed to be to vote in a Boston primary. I’m unenrolled but take a rebublican ticket in primary elections here. Hill is looking for $. She called the wrong number. Sorry to be off topic.
    But since I am, a lot of insiders world wide made a bundle in the market today for no other reason than being the fastest on the buy and sell buttons. If you aren’t one of them just sit tight. Sooner or later fundamentals kick in.

  4. Just the reverse for me. I remember What’s My Line, but, never saw Howdy Doody. Sad to say, more of my time was spent making the X-rated version of the Land O’ Lakes princess (it’s all in the knees).

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