There’s SO much breaking news going on today but in my opinion, this is the absolute best

Freddie Gray Case: Officer Who Drove Van Found Not Guilty
Officer Caesar Goodson was acquitted on all charges related to death of black man while in police custody

Photo credit: Baltimore Sun

From the WSJ article today:

BALTIMORE—A judge on Thursday acquitted police officer Caesar Goodson of murder and all other charges in the 2015 death of Freddie Gray, a stinging defeat for prosecutors who have yet to secure a conviction after trying three officers in the high-profile case.

Circuit Judge Barry Williams also found Officer Goodson not guilty of manslaughter, reckless endangerment, second-degree assault and misconduct in office. Officer Goodson waived his right to a jury trial and elected to have the judge decide the case.

The second-degree depraved heart murder charge against Officer Goodson was the most serious count lodged against the six officers charged in connection with Mr. Gray’s arrest, transport and death from a broken neck sustained while in a police van. The van was driven by Officer Goodson.

Mr. Gray’s death sparked protests and rioting, and stoked a national debate over policing in minority communities. The 25-year-old Mr. Gray was black, as are Officer Goodson and two other officers charged in the case. The other three officers are white. All six pleaded not guilty.

The judge’s ruling is likely to fuel criticism that Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby overreached when she charged the six officers in May 2015, just days after rioting that spurred Gov. Larry Hogan to activate the National Guard.

I’ve said it before here, Marilyn Mosby was directed to press charges by “others” (fill in the blank with the Democrat of your choice). SHE’S the one who needs to be indicted for prosecuting a case with no actual case. It’s incomprehensible that the cases got this far, other than, you know, racism, but shhhh, I won’t tell if you don’t. I am so happy for Officer Goodson, who by the way, served for 30+ years without one mark on his service.

Now the state MUST drop the charges on the rest of the officers charged. TODAY.

And who doesn’t LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obama’s Immigration “Plan” gets a kick in the shins. He’s going on TV at 11:30 to say this is all the fault of the GOP, then he hops aboard a plane for California to play golf all weekend.

High Court Tie, 4-4, Blocks Obama’s Immigration Plan

A Supreme Court stalemate blocked President Barack Obama’s plan to defer deportation and provide work authorization to millions of illegal immigrants—but the 4-4 tie created no precedent and kicked the issue back into the political fray.

This will definitely make it harder for Hillary to make the case for continuing Obama’s immigration Plan, as it seems, like everything else in Obama’s administration, THERE IS NO PLAN.

In other other news, The Brexit vote is going on WHILE a major attack on a movie theater in Germany is taking place. I have to wonder if the attack will have any bearing to those who haven’t already voted about Brexit. I don’t know the reason for the attack, whether it’s ISIS related but so much of what the Brexit vote is about is getting out from under so much EU pressure to allow more immigrants.

12 thoughts on “There’s SO much breaking news going on today but in my opinion, this is the absolute best

    1. Predictable Obama response now- Republican failure. Republican failure. Republican failure. Sick.

      Couldn’t be that he has zero ability to work with Congress so he figures he’ll just use Executive Order.

  1. He’s one angry man that his executive order has been rejected. I’m watching with the mute button on and I can tell he’s pissed.

  2. Hillary called the tie vote as purely procedural. If that’s not a reason to elect Trump, I don’t know what is.

  3. No way Mosby backs down. The other trials are set to go. If she withdraws the charges on the others, it becomes even more obvious her prosecution was really a persecution.

  4. “…getting out from under EU compulsion to admit more immigrants.”

    There, fixed is for you.

  5. Mosby inadvertently charged a cafeteria worker and a plumber (totally unrelated to the case in any way) in her sweep for swift ‘justice’. The ‘duh’ is strong with this one.

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