Marley Spoon Skillet Stroganoff and Rice

Tonight I cooked the second of the three Marley Spoon recipes that came in the box Tuesday. If it’s possible, this one was ever BETTER than the shrimp corn tortilla soup. (the leftover soup, by the way, was delicious cold!)


The flavors of the stroganoff blended so well together – the beef base had A LOT of flavor added- paprika, dijon mustard, red onion, garlic, mushrooms, and parsley stems….

Add the included basmati rice packet and water – simmer 15-20 minutes until rice is soft and water evaporated –


Some of the red onion was set aside at the beginning to pickle which when added with the parsley leaves, is the garnish, along with a dollop (or two) of sour cream.


This might be what Martha means when she says It’s a Good Thing!


I’m only wondering why there’s no birthday cake for dessert. Oh right, that was last night!

4 thoughts on “Marley Spoon Skillet Stroganoff and Rice

  1. How far in advance do you have to call Martha? Her market may be broader than I originally thought. I lack ambition in the kitchen tonight but I’d like a decent dinner. It’s not so much the actual cooking but the prep work.

    1. Maybe a week? Marley Spoon is a weekly subscription. Each week you are given choices of (a) how many days a week of meals you want the box to contain and (b) which recipes you want to try. I started with three meals because my first order came with a 30% off coupon. The regular weekly price for three meals us $61.50. I downgraded to two meals for next week which is $40+. The portions of each meal are generous for two people so let’s say one week Mr. EOS is in RI, it’s two days out of one meal all for me. Next up is the tofu. I can guarantee he’ll plan to be gone then..
      Had I not had this recipe tonight I would have prepared something boring and traditional. Like you there are many times I am uninspired or uninterested in cooking. I’m really loving the ease of these recipes and the extraordinary depth of flavor each one has. I can’t see paying $x/week for long but right now it’s perfect eliminating that old Summer cooking doldrums.

    1. You must be physic. I was thinking the same thing. The commute would be a breeze. The only downside would be my continuing efforts to fight the battle of the bulge. We don’t eat so swell most of the time. Usually I toss a bowl of Dawg’s kibble with EVOO and call it a meal.

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