Excuse me, who do I see for the electric blankets?

You KNOW the Dems mean serious gun bill business when they stage a publicity stunt, oh sorry, a sit-in, last night at the House.

Gosh, it was real hardship for the members to survive the night. I just don’t know how they did it.

What, no roast beef? 

Glamping? Dressed in her finery with a sleeping bag. Right. 

And what sit-in would be complete without reinforcements from Dunkin Donuts?

Foam? You bring me a stinkin’ FOAM pillow? 

In my opinion, the worst image of the whole evening was the dude on the right here, Rep. John Lewis, singing We Shall Overcome. Look pal, sitting on the House floor with your phones, food, ON OUR NICKEL TOO, is not a protest. It is a stunt, pure and simple.

Meanwhile, in Chicago…….


Update on birthday party: We had a fabulous time – the whole gang showed up – we had perfect weather, sat outside on the patio of the country club, watched a happy 13th year old open presents and enjoy the company of her grandparents, her great-grandmother, aunties and cousins…..life isn’t much better than that!


My chariot made it back to Bedford just before the stroke of midnight so it didn’t turn into a pumpkin. I’m on Slo-Mode this morning, still sipping coffee. The good news is that we seem to have escaped the gloom and doom forecast of all day rain but darn, I was hoping to use that as an excuse to go to the movies today.

Happy Thursday one and all.



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