Martha Stopped By to Help me Cook Tonight

As a fellow Bedford resident, that’s kinda the least Martha Stewart could do, right? But of course she didn’t really come over, but she did make an appearance via her new venture in the box dinner field, Marley Spoon, sure to be stiff competition to Blue Apron.


The first reason I tried this is because what Martha does she does really really well. Secondly, there was a huge coupon for the first order, making the cost for three meals for two people only $26.50! I mean, you’d have to be crazy NOT to try it.

The large box arrived by FedEx first thing this morning so I’ve already gone through all the pieces to see what is what.

Exquisitely photographed recipe cards, front and back with details on how to make, even what it is supposed to look like when done! You can choose your meals from a good list of options, really creative options too. No standard fare here.

You can see what I chose for the first week.


The box interior is sealed to perfection, inside cold wrap


Three paper bags of ingredients. Each bag labeled to know for which meal.


Under the bag, cardboard to note there’s more…..


With the ingredients for each meal, down to the packets of sour cream…


For the shrimp corn tortilla soup…


For the grilled tofu and yellow squash – I mean, look how perfectly the rd wine vinegar is packed!


Bags now all neatly stashed in fridge.


All that’s left is to decide what to make tonight!!!!!! I’m thinking the shrimp and corn tortilla soup.

The only suggestion I have right off the bat, even without cooking, is changing the sticker on the bags. Once you open the bag, the sticker is pretty much decimated to know which meal the ingredients go with. I’d put an old nothing sticker to close the bag, then lower down where it won’t be ripped, the label with the name of the recipe. But if that’s my only suggestion, then I say Martha has another winning project on her hand.


I don’t know who the target Marley Spoon audience is – probably young professionals who don’t have time to grocery shop and might want to cook a good meal but not do all the prep. That makes sense. I’m sure I’m NOT the typical customer, although empty-nesters like to eat well too, and maybe get tired of the same old Mary Tyler Moore sling of chicken into the grocery cart!

The meals come once a week and you can choose meals for two, three, or more days per week. This order is three meals and if I continue, I think I’ll adjust lower down to two.

I’ll put up a post as I do the cooking…..for now, I’m out the door for a j-o-b interview, a position that my architect told me about. More as I know….

9 thoughts on “Martha Stopped By to Help me Cook Tonight

  1. Can I come over? I am worn out from cooking! back story: this is the week the boys are away at camp all day, but it is in Newtown, so about an hour to drive each way, leaving me with four glorious hours alone. However, my beloved husband told my mother in law we would bring a cooler full of frozen meals for her when we visit. I have done this in the past, and she looooooooves it, but it is a huge labor of love. Given it is about the only thing I can do for her, I am doing it with a happy as can be attitude. So far this week, I’ve made Asparagus soup with goat cheese, pesto and goat cheese stuffed chicken, spaghetti squash with sage browned butter and a grilled hamburger patty, spinach cheese pie and today is Middle Eastern Lamb and Eggplant bake. All of this is Paleo and whole foods. At least I get dinner in the bag….

    As an aside, my kids have a “cooking box subscription” which teaches cooking skills. Being we are trying to be paleo, it’s tough. This months recipes are pasta salad with mostly mayo (blech!), a flag cake and barbeque chicken tenders. Meh….at least I hope they will learn a few things.

  2. I’ve tried something similar- biggest disappointment is not matching the picture that the meal represents 😕 food was okay, but, I didn’t mistake myself for a 5star chef.

    1. Who are those two????? Geez, I was done with them after two minutes of giggling. And what, they can’t bother to turn a light on in that dark kitchen?

      1. It was the only review that wasn’t in german or dutch (or I don’t know). I thought she was cute and they have cute kids too – but, yes, they smelled like feet.

        1. In this instance, German or Dutch might be preferable. I didn’t watch it long enough to see their children. I’ll give it a longer look. Not tonight. Not tomorrow (I’ll be in Delaware all day) so maybe rainy Thursday if I don’t go see Finding Dory.

        2. Shut the front door. In-N-Out Burgers are the best!!! Although memory serves I went to a Fat Burger in Santa Barbara that was not too shabby either. Mmmmm.
          Shake Shack comes in a close tie for second. Damn, now I want to fly to California. Thanks.

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