Marley Spoon Shrimp Tortilla Soup: Review

My first Marley Spoon box arrived this morning and I opted for the Shrimp Corn Tortilla Soup tonight.

One word: DELICIOUS!

So easy to put together from the recipe card back with perfect step-by-step instructions.

Ta-da! My version looks pretty darn close to the photo and took less than 25 minutes from A to Z.


First up, thinly slice the two corn tortillas, toss them in EVOO and salt and bake until crisp.


Meanwhile, chop the onions and garlic. Take the corn off the cob (with a few kernels on the floor, but the five second rule applied so I picked them up and threw them in the pan).


Cook a bit, then add the liquids – chicken stock, water, and the chipoltle in adobo. Bring to simmer.

Then take shrimp out of vacuumed sealed container, season, and dump in pan.


Garnish with cilantro and the tortilla chips (if any are left after munching on them before the soup is ready!!)

Compare- theirs versus mine. I say it’s hard to tell. They have a prettier and more shallow bowl but otherwise I say I cooked exactly what they had in mind! I give myself (and Marley Spoon) an A+.

The best part – clean-up is a breeze – I opened up the paper bag everything came in and used it for all the trash. Wrap it up when done, and bingo.


4 thoughts on “Marley Spoon Shrimp Tortilla Soup: Review

  1. I’m delighted to read your review of Martha’s meal. I wonder, now that you know the ingredients and the recipe, if you can’t easily duplicate the results. Heh, silly question. Of course you can. While you and I aren’t her target market, it’s people like us who will buy the meals for others- new parents, newlyweds with busy jobs, new neighbors and so on. I think it’s a great concept. With Martha’s name behind it, it should do well.

    1. That’s the real downside I see of any boxed food plan. The recipes come. You keep them, then make it on your own next time. Although I gotta say it was so darn easy to have the exact amount of ingredients right at hand. It sure was easy.
      I thought too the boxes would make a great gift for new moms or newlyweds. I was truly impressed with how every aspect of the box was planned out perfectly. Not one glitch.

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