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While most families were celebrating Dad, or watching golf, and okay maybe one of you was cheering on the Cleveland Cavs, Loretta Lynch was sent out on a covert mission to the Sunday political shows to declare that wow, transcripts WILL be released of the conversation between 911 and the Orlando shooter Mateen. Great news, right?

loretta lunch

Not exactly. Here’s what you’ll get to know about Mateen’s motives.


Her thought process:

“What we’re not going to do is further proclaim this man’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups, and further his propaganda,” Lynch said. “We are not going to hear him make his assertions of allegiance [to the Islamic State].”

Lynch: References to Islam From Orlando Terrorist 911 Call Removed “To Avoid Revictimizing”

My thought process:

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I used to think Holder was the worst ever AG but Lynch is coming into first place pretty quickly. The mere thought that public transcripts can be redacted is beyond the pale so I hope a million FOIA requests are made and keep Mateen’s proclamation to terrorists out there.

All you need to remember here is how angry Obama was last week at the suggestion that this was terrorism and not because, you know, guns.

*Even redacted, you should easily get my headline! WordPress isn’t accepting my spacing of the headline – not sure why so pay no need to how close the letters are.

Here’s how I planned it….


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  1. Lynch lied through her teeth in one interview when she said she has not spoken to the President about Hillary’s email. That’s Clinton Speak for it depends on what talk is.

      1. Watch the video: The news conference. The guy who got shot in the hand “deflecting a shot aimed at his head (what does he think, he’s Wonder Woman) has no bandages or wounds on either hand. Explain that one away if you can.

        1. I did watch the video. So how do YOU explain all the cell phone footage from inside The Pulse, taken by people there? The problem with any conspiracy theory, this one or any other, is that it takes everyone to be in on it. Therein lies the nix factor for me.

        2. Paid large sums to participate from the guys with suitcases full of $100 bills that made billions disappear in Iraq, with a threat of getting disappeared if you talk. Is every one a crisis actor, probably not. Remember they really killed people in 9-11. Was 9-11 a staged event? Watch building #7 come down: the only way it could have happened if it was rigged for demolition, and you can even see the charges go off, yet people refuse to believe it was a false flag. Not even Snopes will touch building #7.

          Watch the clip again @ 14:55, 15:39, and 15:59. This is two days after the event; he just got shot in the hand with an assault rifle and he’s using his hands as if nothing happened and there are no wounds, no bandages. That is not possible.

          But what if you were there? With all that gunfire in a dark confined space going off? Are the bullets real? Is the blood real? Are people’s clothes getting blown off real? Or is it all just special effects: exploding outward directed charges that will blow off clothing and spew blood, ya know, like Hollywood. Gonna stick you head up to find out or be traumatized, in shock, and just glad you got out alive. Jeeze even a movie can scare the shit out of people.

          Here’s the weapon that was used. Look at the holes it makes in the target, now look at the “victims” hands again

  2. Trump is severing ties with Lewandowski according to the headlines. I don’t see who did the severing or why, other than Trump’s comments yesterday about profiling might have undone his chances of winning.

    1. I am seeing that.

      Re the profiling comment, Giuliani was on Fox this morning saying that in his years of police work and as mayor, they always profiled and to think otherwise is a fools errand. The example he used was if a white male 6’2″ with blue eyes committed a serious crime it might lead them to see the KKK was involved etc. Profiling is a trigger word for most people and I know many police forces are required NOT to do it, but how do you NOT if the shoe fits?

      1. I don’t know the name that describes the reverse of profiling, but, this administration goes out of its way to remove any suspicion from people that adhere to “one of the world’s great religions”. All signs from the presumptive Clinton administration point to a continuation of the same policy.

        1. GORKA ROCKS!!!! He’s been on The Five a few times and makes such sense and speaks such truths – yet so few people get to hear this. Thanks for posting the video – now throngs* more will read it here (*translation+ more than one, less than 100).

    2. I haven’t thought of a new name for myself because I’m still in Bedford with my in-laws while the new Riverside house gets some updating. Fresh paint, new appliances, one of the bathrooms needed tile work and a vanity – we’re not in any hurry since it’s summer except our furniture is in a POD in my in-laws driveway until we go. Limbo.

      Trump – he’s falling apart one day at a time. I was never a fan to begin with but I detest the smug Never Trump people so I hope he gets his act together to pull a rabbit out of his hat. Where’s Jeb today? Chomping at the bit?

      1. You are alive! Great that you have temporary digs while you fix up. That can be such a problem if you don’t have family. We made a huge mistake buying our first Bedford home decades ago – we went off to the beach expecting the work to get done. We were in for a huge surprise when we popped in one day half way. Live and learn, the hard way.

        I’m learning now that Manafort is back at the helm and that the Trump kids were integral in getting rid of Lewandowski. Totally totally totally agree about the #NeverTrump ass**les. It would be brutal if they were right.

        1. Good for her.

          Now let’s see how many people commend the GOP for voting down the four gun bills today. I don’t have it right now, but you can count Elizabeth Warren out of the cheerleaders. Most D’s have called the GOP every name in the book.

          Here’s some of the D ranting

  3. Am I the first to guess the headline?

    Most Transparent Administration Ever.

    EOSr, you just missed one thing. The word NOT.

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