The (Maybe) Penalty Stroke Being heard Around the World

If you are watching the US Open, you know about the huge kerfuffle going on with Dustin Johnson.

On the 12th tee, his ball on the green moved so he called for a ref. They asked him if he caused the ball to move and he said no. I repeat, he said no. He went on to play. NOW NOW, the USGA is saying they are going to review the footage and make their decision later. That means that DJ has to play out the round with this silliness on his head. Not too much pressure.


Shane Lawry had a similar incident on the 16th yesterday. Lowry told the official he had grounded his club before his birdie attempt. He was assessed a one-shot penalty and two-putted for bogey.


Twitter is 100% in favor of Johnson.

52m This is ridiculous… No penalty whatsoever for DJ. Let the guy play without this crap in his head. Amateur hour from

. w/ you boys! The fact that the thinks that DJ caused the ball to move is completely ridiculous! Laughable!

The irony is I am rooting for Sergio (who has no chance now anyway) but I hate to see any player be strung along by lousing rulings.

Only time will tell and there’s not much time left…………….

Just now….this:


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  2. Is there some rule when you become a pro that you must marry a hot blonde? All these guys have beautiful wives.

  3. Video = The explanation of the penalty. I have to wonder had the tournament been close with a one stroke difference if Dustin would have appealed the ruling.

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