EOS Weekend: Maine and New York City

The SoundBeacher Family went to Maine a few weeks back and despite the mist and fog that is typical Maine weather, they still managed to take and send some great photos.

They walked the Fore River Sanctuary in Portland along the former C & O canal where horses pulled boats that came from the coast up to the inland lakes.

It seemed to be rainy and misty for most of our visit

The mist does make for a nice photo


There are still things being hauled, but by the iron horse
Many of the white blaze trees had these hearts on them, I know it’s graffiti, but it seems sweet, like maybe someone had marked it as a path to an engagement plan site that they had set up at the waterfall which was the end of the trail.


Meanwhile, back in New York, CosHarbour sends his assortment of great pix.

Inside a warehouse? 

Cos’s hat rack? 

Cos’s tag for this photo said Righthand West side. I’ll let you code breakers figure that one out. 

New ruins in Governor’s Island

Boat and Building

I won’t post tomorrow so let me be the first to wish Happy Father’s Day to one and all.

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  1. Happy Father’s Day to Mr. EOS and all your readers. It’s a picture perfect day out there, today.

  2. Since most readers here hold Trump in ill regard, that video, made by a #nevertrump individual, may appeal – yet, i think it has gone viral following the law of unintended consequences. Hillary Senpai said no one, ever.

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