At Least He Got Another Sticker for AF-1


The First Family flew to New Mexico yesterday for a tour of Carlsbad Caverns – they gave it a whopping two hours to tour before they reboarded AF-1 for Yosemite. Wow, two hours. It probably took the park two days of preparation to secure the joint, but hey, the National Park System is important to the President, right? I mean he really really wanted to do this for the weekend, and so did his girls, right? They look so happy to be there.

Photo credit: El Paso Times

The President actually does look interested (the only one I might add) and was quoted as saying wow, how cool is this?

Photo credit: El Paso Times

I’m sure with his excellent education he was able to answer the guide who asked Can anyone tell me the difference between a Stalactite and a Stalagmite? Barack? Barack? Michelle? Bueller?

Who of you paid attention in the fifth grade to the mnemonic of remembering exactly HOW to tell the difference between a Stalactite and a Stalagmite????

Bonus points: Where is Michelle going?

Photo credit: El Paso Times

After I posted the headline, I wished I was a Photoshop genius because I’d love to create AF-1 emblazoned with every oval sticker of places he’s been. I think the photo would go viral (she said patting herself on the back for such a great idea!)

Gorgeous Saturday and I’m outside with my coffee and yesterday’s paper. Hoping you enjoy the weekend!

4 thoughts on “At Least He Got Another Sticker for AF-1

  1. The first family always looks bored to tears. The only smiling photo I’ve seen of Malia is when she was working in LA last summer on the Girls TV show – she was photoed going out to some restaurant.

    I didn’t see if they stayed for the star attraction at Carlsbad – the bats. I think they come out at night or early evening but that’s why most people seek out that cavern.

    He’s delivering “remarks” today in Yosemite. I smell climate change on his mind.

  2. Seems Obama forgot his cue cards and only has one phrase for the weekend sights.

    Watching golf. I’m rooting for Lee Westwood.

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