Guess what? It’s Double parking shaming Friday

Young woman in cleaners. Space RIGHT ACROSS FROM HER!!!!

No sooner did the Lexus pull off…a Range Rover pulled in. A MAN GOT OUT!!!! Equal opportunity laziness. 

What is it with people who can’t bother with an actual parking space. Ugh. 

17 thoughts on “Guess what? It’s Double parking shaming Friday

  1. Don’t you know? That’s VIP parking.

    Them that’s got shall have
    Them that’s not shall lose
    So the Bible said and it still is news
    Mama may have, Papa may have
    But God bless the child that’s got his own
    That’s got his own

    Yes, the strong gets more
    While the weak ones fade
    Empty pockets don’t ever make the grade
    Mama may have, Papa may have
    But God bless the child that’s got his own
    That’s got his own

    Money, you’ve got lots of friends
    Crowding round the door
    When you’re gone, spending ends
    They don’t come no more
    Rich relations give
    Crust of bread and such
    You can help yourself
    But don’t take too much
    Mama may have, Papa may have
    But God bless the child that’s got his own
    That’s got his own

    Mama may have, Papa may have
    But God bless the child that’s got his own
    That’s got his own

    Is your mom’s chariot like this one?

    1. Great song lyrics. Both Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald did wonderful renditions of it – I’m more of an Ella fan than Billie but I think Billie was the first to make it famous.

      Heh, that Mercedes listing is pretty sketchy with so many things kinda-maybe original, or not. Ours is truly all original, 100%. It got $4k worth of mechanical work last week and needs maybe $2k of body work for rust creeping in on the rocker panels. Want it?

        1. Agree that the rust is a bummer and it’s really all my fault. I should pay to get it done but the good news is the rust is NOT under the carriage – as a matter of fact, the mechanics said the rust is very easy to stop, like a good cancer treatment, get it now before it spreads kind of thing. The car is being driven now daily by a daughter in the city (yes, she’s paying for it to be garaged in the city!) and she thinks she might want it titled to her, in which case SHE can pay to have the body work done. See what I did there?

        2. Oh well, then, it sounds like it has found a home already. Far be it from me to deprive a deserving heiress of her quality ride. I don’t think the rust is your fault, just chemistry.

  2. I know this doesn’t make it right, but if these people at least put on their 4-way flashers — a way of saying “I know I’m not supposed to be parked here, but I won’t be long, plus I’m within hearing distance if you want to yell at me to move my butt,” at least It would be clear THEY know they’re doing something they shouldn’t. Entitled, oblivious, or both?

    1. The ONLY wiggle room I see for a double parker is some old geezers letting out Ma or Pa Kettle to run into the bank or the cleaners. You got two legs and are able-bodied AND there’s a parking space 15 paces away, no thank you to flashers. That might be okay elsewhere, or if there’s absolutely no place to park – otherwise, off with their heads!

    There is a whole gang of ’em. I would no more double park than,— and can’t understand how one was raised to be so self absorbed. It’s the break down of society bit by bit.

  4. While I do agree that it is quite rude to double park in this situation they do not appear to be blocking anybody else or causing any harm. Why are you so bothered by their laziness? How does it impact you exactly?

    1. Well, here’s the deal. It doesn’t impact ME but it surely could impact someone. And if your determination about double parking is based on whether causes anyone harm, then I bet you double park. It’s that simple. There’s a space. Use it.

      1. I agreed with you that it is a rude practice. I don’t double park, I don’t hog the overtaking lane, I don’t text while driving. Again just wonder why it bothers you so much to post photos when in that location (I know Bedford) it doesn’t appear to be impacting anybody. It’s your blog just curious.

        1. I see now what you said so I am sorry that I said what I did.

          I’ve shamed double parkers for years on this blog – years – it amuses me I guess because it always seems to be the same people and I think it’s a look into someone’s style in life – what they value as important. A chapter in a psychology book. That’s all. No more. No less.

        2. I work at that shopping center and it looks like the Lexus is parked blocking the one and only ramp for the sidewalk. It’s a small ramp but it does serve a purpose. The RR parked farther up not blocking the ramp. It’s discourteous to double park ever but really shitty to block the ramp.

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