Even My Glads aren’t Too Happy It’s Friday

Uh oh spaghetti-o – these gladioli sure look like hurting pups.


Not only are they all falling over, many of them have the bulb exposed, as if I didn’t plant them deep enough.


And not a one has a flower in sight – merely very tall stalks, naked as jay birds. Are my glads doomed not to flower?


I checked gardening sites and seems most people plant them up against the garage or house so the wind doesn’t cause this falling over but others use wire and stakes to keep them upright. I’m heading to the garden store today to see if I can find a solution because I don’t want to lose them.

Bird feeders need a refill. Fridge could use some fruit. Post office on to-do list to mail Cablevision box, and what the hell, while out, I’ll waste a buck or two on tonight’s Mega Millions pot. And once I win, I’m leaving 10506 behind, walking out the door, goodbye, won’t look back and I’m going wherever this pool is and calling it home.


Happy Friday all!!!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Even My Glads aren’t Too Happy It’s Friday

  1. Knowing your Gravatar, thought you might appreciate this drummer’s wild and crazy, totally unconventional style — like nothing I’ve ever seen.

    1. The name of the band is pretty funny too, as if these guys have known each other since the 7th grade when they were playing in someone’s basement. I was hoping all through the clip the camera would pan to the audience.

  2. I don’t think their tushes should be showing. Maybe add dirt on top of bums, enough to prop up the stems a bit. Speaking of big…how is the fit bit?

    1. It doesn’t help that Dawg walks right through the middle of these stalks when I let her out in the morning. RIGHT THROUGH THE MIDDLE! It’s as if she’s telling me they aren’t going to flower anyway mom, so don’t fret.

      Mr. EOS thinks I planted the corms upside down – hey, I’m not only not a gardener, I didn’t play one on TV. I emptied the bag, dug the holes, placed them, covered them, watered them, and called it a day. What to I know about right side up?

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